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Research Additions to Library(s)

Just a random thought.

It would be nice to have the IC addition of (skill) primer guides written and available for starting out people in the skill (specifically in a library setting is the idea).

There is nice nudges in that direction in various areas, but as a whole just having the ability to seek out the knowledge and get a tidbit on a skill before you delve into it would be nice. The guides/books would be minimal, just nudges in the right direction and hints toward things you could accomplish with them, maybe some withmore centric knowledge in relation to places of employement.

Two Ways this Could Happen:

1. Player based guides and primers are vetted and can be added to this collection/the library if they gain enough traction. Could even be some kind of IC push for experts in various fields to write a guide.

2. The guides are written OOCly and implemented as a full skill set, instead of over time, and would be accessible either through current commands or through something like 'research (skill)' in a room that would bring up the tidbit.

Overall, I would like to see players hard work in a lot of these fields immortalized to help future generations and I think something like this would allow that.


I like this idea a lot but ensuring your legacy or any work you take part in is one of the many struggles of Sindome.

I think some player-based guides, primers, paydata, screamsheets, etc have a place in permanent lore but it's up to the writer or a fan to facilitate that. The Head Archivist's job of maintaining the Lore wiki pages which feed directly into the hologram is a prime example of this and so is the grid.

I share Dawnshot's concern of losing valuable player contributions but I think the playerbase's ability to hoard data will surprise you. I recently saw someone peddling a 10+ year old copy of paydata I wrote that had been crudely copypasted from one e-note to if you write it - someone will keep it and probably try to sell it.

Ideally, I think the bookbinding system in-game combined with the potential for the Head Archivist role to take a IC interest in preserving content of note should suffice but an IC effort must be made.

I hesitate to centralize everything because discovering the content is a lot of the fun. :)
Yes! Its not necessarily revealing all the content. I am thinking of it more along the lines of a bare basics on a skill, plus it being an excuse of a way to 'learn' the skill later on as well.

I love discovering the extra stuff about skills, this would be more to give a bit more info than help skills, but nothing that would not require RP. More would be a flavor item like other manuals that have been made in game, than a This is how you use a skill. I think it would also help people playing in a skillset they've never tried before have -some- knowledge of how to play their character and would lower things that are needed puppets to teach for example.

+1 to this. I know part of the game is learning/figuring things out IC (which this would be in line with anyway) but honestly a lot of what goes into a skill, what it does and what's NEEDED for x skill, is so unclear it hinges on aggravating at times.

Yes, you can ask other characters but they can easily have wrong or outdated information. Yes, you can always make more UE, but potentially wasting weeks' worth when you're hoping to build a character towards something by a certain time would suck. The fact that UE is so limited per day, regardless of how active you are, there should really be more accessible information on how to build your stats and skills. Let us be rewarded by hitting actual books and delving as deep as we can.

If this is about game mechanics, is probably the most overlooked resource in Sindome. Please use it.
@ReeferMadness It's definitely useful, but having this extra means to do the research IC would still be a lot more enjoyable, and likely see more use. I think the majority of new players, myself included, feel the need or desire to figure these things out IC but either can't or don't want to ask around for the sake of discretion. Why shouldn't that be rewarded, as opposed to looking OOC/outside the game?