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Rep Counter
You think you're somewhat recognized by the

In following with the recent weekly automated chyen listing, I think it would be neat for an IC rep counter. This would likely be best for pledges, but also outsiders wondering why the extra pay for that weapon was given. It would most likely be vague, like the chyen, but would still be greatly helpful. So as to prevent spam, only listed if one is within the gang by some level, or is liked enough for it to tick upward. Some ideas include:

Unknown by

Unrecognized by

Known by

Appreciated by

Liked by

This seems a bit meta to me. Why can't you just deal with it ICly?
Except that afaik there is no ic way to find your rep with NPC factions. Maybe through puppet.
For your overwhelmingly monstrous behavior, you have become vilified by the community.
There really isn't a way and asking 'yo do you think I'm cOOOoOOOoooOOl?' to a gang king is going to go bad. Perhaps well slid into a puppet, but even then, would be hard to make sense.
Unless something has changed, this system has been in place for over a decade.

How so? The payment system yes, but that's sort of obscure and are few and far between in changes.
So exactly where would this info be shown? A whiteboard in the Drome? Most likely you'd have to request it from the gangers themselves.
Yeah, it's pretty meta. If you REALLY want to know, leave a puppet.
I was thinking @stats. It makes no less sense than the fact you can tell how much cash you can make in a week.
You can of course find your reputation with factions by the simplest method of asking those factions how you are doing. A puppet request to a group member creates RP for you and possibly even further plotiness. It also lets us as GMs know that hey, you want to matter to these people and would maybe like some goals associated with them.

-Hey Boss Guy, how am I doing?

-Well Joe you're a baka. We don't like you too much. But tell you what go over there and bash this guys face in and I'll think about telling my boys you been doing more for us, scanner?

Fair enough, but would that really work? It seems heavily more likely that one would just like you less for calling on them for asking nothing but that and tell you to fuck yourself.
So you want to show IC info that should be obtained through RP and interaction in @stats? You can already figure it out by trying to sell an item, if they flip you off you know you're fucked. And yes you can go talk to the gangers, if they beat you up that's RP and you know you didn't stand well with them anyway. Or hire an immy to find out for you?
I personally find puppet request intimidating, probably because I am new around here and don't want to waste gm time with trivialities. But if that is how it is offered to sort, sounds good to me - though maybe add that as a note to help factions?
The faction system codedly did payments and stuff to, but it was/is a tool for GM interaction between you and said faction.

You don’t get to see the raw data.

They do.

That was my thought too. In previous ganger interactions I did such things and it began to annoy OOCly and ICly, and I felt this would help some. People keep calling it meta, that's why I was thinking a vague notion. I see no reason why you couldn't make a guess without having to ask them.
I see no reason this shouldn't be common sense. If you're hanging out with and helping a faction, you should be doing more than just automated, rp-less tasks of handing things in. You should show that faction you're serious and want to be in good with them. Ask for work to do. Create puppet requests. Make it known.

An ooc method of finding out where you stand from an IC perspective doesn't make much sense. As to the weekly limit, it itself is an OOC limiter, so we made an OOC item in @stats to help you keep track a bit better. This would be an OOC method for an IC matter, not the same as the weekly limit item.

Hope that helps? Never be afraid to puppet. Ever ever. Interact with NPCs and tell great stories.

I'm afraid this is not something that I would support.

Look at it this way - I know my boss. I think she likes me, but does she actually or is she just really good at pretending, and do I as a real person have the ability to know what is truth and what is not? You're asking to codify the way the game responds to you so that you have a point of truth, when your character has no basis for knowing this.

I'm afraid that the relation to the check around the automated chyen limitation is a flawed logic, as it was added as a way to help players understand why an automated system was operating differently than they would otherwise expect. There is no basis for such a link to a groups or NPCs linking to your character.

You're also asking for a large amount of GM work that does not improve your gameplay experience in the slightest in the way the game is intended to be played.

There are ways In-Game for you to figure this information out, and whilst I appreciate the idea, I don't see us adding this in the fashion you are suggesting in the future.


Fair enough, I tried. That makes more sense, though I agree with the previous. Puppeting kinda spooks me for whatever reason.
Don't be heckin spooped fren.
Could we maybe the above notes about puppet to help faction? To me as a new player, they are extremely helpful, as I honestly consider puppets as a last-resort-can't-solve-it-anyway-else thing, and clearly, that's not the case.
Yeah apparently not, and I'm just now hearing this. Anytime else I try not to waste GM time. The people who's time is a resource to my RP always feels as if it could be better elsewhere than asking someone if I'm cool or not. That info would be cool for sure.
Make the leap.

Request puppets.

Sindome has some amazing GMs who do a great job with puppeting NPCs.

Your personal RP experience will be improved, and you'll learn quite a bit both ICly and OOCly.

Not to get too off topic, but just echoing the above, my impression was always that puppet requests were a last-resort tool and I try to almost never use them, I feel like I'm being a bother. I'll try to be more creative in thinking of good RP producing situations to use them in.
When I was new, I was afraid of puppeting too. I totally get it, specifically in regards to minor stuff. I felt like i was wasting time. You can try and balance stuff for yourself with puppet-requests that may lead to action for full groups. Honestly the staff is super awesome, just remember to not confuse IC fear with ooc feelings about puppeting. Especially because a lot of NPC's (ESPECIALLY gangers) are likely to be mix as fuck and maybe slap you around. That's all part of the fun though.

Most of my bad feelings about puppeting went away with the puppet-request tool. It's suuuuper convenient now. If you have something like this to ask about. Puppet away, and sort of forget about it. You'll be pleasantly surprised when it happens!

Puppets are a big part of the GM’s job.

That’s what they are there for. Make them earn that free rent!