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Recall Appearance
Coded appearance reminder

My perception of how it is currently, due to how the appearances of people are handled, is that it is basically on the player to 'write down' the descriptions of people they have seen, or to save logs that they can search by name.

My proposal is a stat based 'recall ' that allows you to pull up the description of recently looked at people. This would be int/perception based, with higher int allowing you to recall more people, and perception giving more of their description slots.

Not hating, but:

#1, why? What exactly is the problem with the player remembering "look"s via whatever means?

#2, how could it work with different (or concealed) identities?

Isn't this already covered by the 'memory' command?
Sounds like the MOO would have to store the text of every description everyone looks at which would be bloat-y as all hell.
I ICly and OOCly forget what people look like all the time. Trawling logs for someone's appearance is tantamount to cheating.

I've been explicitly told by staff in the past that if you forget something IC OR OOC, that's that. You forgot, your character forgot.

Also, we have memorize and recall for basically this exact thing.

Remember jobaka is a short punk with purple hair and a face scar.

Problem fixed!

This sounds like a great QoL feature at face value, but hear me out.

Part of the intrigue is the development of the intrigue itself. Are you familiar enough for a person to remember their appearance? Do you take the time to 'look' at people, read through, and have things stand out? Think you know someone, hire someone to discreetly photograph them so you can compare?

So like I said, while great initially, lot of these interactions and good player habits would be thrown to the wayside with a command like this.

I typically try to repeat a quick description of someone out so I can recall that same phrase in the future. "German medic with the sleepy blue eyes wearing that gross-looking olive bomber jacket," or "Latina dancer with the indescribably long red hair," or "Starving Asian mona with hazel eyes and a collapsed right ear."

I've found that this has helped me describe people in real life too.