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Radios and @voice

So, the FreqMan radios.  When you talk on them, the first time someone says something, it gives their @voice and all, just like cell phones and stuff, and then after that, is just shows what they are saying.  You're probably thinking, "Yeah, what's you point?"
Well, my point is, you can be talking to more than one person at a time on the radios, and after the intial message, you don't know who is saying what.  I think there should be some way to distinguish voices past this point.  A shortened version of @voice, or an acronym of what ordinarily appears when you speak (ex. speaking fluent english in a Japanese accented male becomes SFEJA or something)
A shortened version of @voice, or an acronym of what ordinarily appears when you speak (ex. speaking fluent english in a Japanese accented male becomes SFEJA or something)

*reads that part, and laughs so hard that shoots Dr. Pepper out of his nose*

Good point about the voice on radios, but that last part is... Well I'll just say I'm not crazy about it. Abreviations quickly take on a meaning and life of their own the minute you start using them, and it's a bit of a cop out.

Perhaps the radio should know who last spoke, so whenever the speaker on the remote side changes, the voice is displayed.


so listener 1 hears:
speaker 1, complete with @voice
speaker 2, complete with @voice
speaker 2 again, without @voice this time
speaker 1 again, with @voice since speaker has changed

You mean like that?



Perhaps a freqman should have a setting to input a callsign. So messages that come from that radio appear as:

[JX9BLE=> This is Juliet Xray Niner Bravo Lima Echo Over.

Solves the problem of knowing who's talking immediately. It's much like carrying around an external SIC that works outside the city. I imagine something like that should have frequent use among desert dwellers.

I actually REALLY like the system as is. Its just not used.
How do we get people to make frequent use of their FreqMan? What incentives are there to use one?
A SIC is not stealable, is more prone to interference, but supports encryption and does not function in the badlands. Additionally, there is an on-going fee for private usage.

A FreqMan (et al) is stealable, is less prone to interference, has limited encryption support (hardware based) and functions in the badlands.

A GridPhone is stealable, is about as prone to interference as a SIC, has ZERO encryption, is routed thru NLM, but functions in the badlands.

Feel free to continue this trend.

So Gridphones DO work in the Badlands!!! SUPER!


They do indeed.  They didn't used to, ICly at any rate, but thats been amended.
Freqman chips suck. There nowhere to be find and have to be pre-keyed. I declare this crappy.

Could we make it so freqman encryption keys can be generated/reset on the fly via the use of electro_tech? Then any other chip can be keyed to another via "scan" or someother command.

If we make it non-specificaly settable unless reset by a technician and the encryption keys randomly generated so esoteric a match would be statistically impossible.

Then freqman encryption keys can just be stocked in the singular and made more widely available to the public. Plus put to use by your friendly neighborhood tech...or some clown with a skillsoft.

You dig what I'm throwing down?

(Enhanced logging and accessibility to said logs concerning progia conversations and sic by deckers would aide the proliferation of this junk too...but that's alot of work.)

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 11:00 pm on Dec. 14, 2010)

Could just tune the Freqman to a random channel far out on the bands and hope nobody else is listening.
Quote: from Grim on 5:41 am on Dec. 15, 2010[br]Could just tune the Freqman to a random channel far out on the bands and hope nobody else is listening.

Oh, but you know what can happen if someone is listening, and decides to chime in at a critical moment..

Crab  battle!!! Argh!
You spammed my screen ingame just to type that?!


Using a Pac-West Freqman 4K, I tried a good range of frequencies (100-900) and got the same message each time - That frequency is currently unavailabe to civilians.
So, questions: what frequency range should be available? Where is that information published IC (grid, know-it-all, user guide from Pac-West)? Are we even using Pac-Wests actively any more or have they been replaced by the latest and greatest Progias? Do the encrypt chips even work? Can we get a 'scan frequencies' feature put in or something so if someone has broadcasted in the last x minutes then it will latch onto the frequency? Or maybe a beacon/constant transmit mode, where ala Aliens you can set up a broadcast signal to go on repeat endlessly.

This would have been @idea ingame published but there you have it.

Sounds like @bugs should have been submitted here. Obviously there's a problem if the features aren't working properly. They're in game, so yes they're available for use and no they're not being phased out as they're a different type of communication device. Never know, those grid phones may stop working everywhere in the game one day. Encrypt chips have always worked. Could they be tweaked? Sure.

If people actually start using the FreqMans and @bug any problems, then we'll take a look into fixing them. We're currently making our way through a pretty big list and things used all the time are at the top.ReeferMadness