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A handheld Digital whiteboard?

E-notes are a bit rough to use for storing data quickly or making any kind of list type thing. Can we get something -just- like a digital whiteboard (not code locked or anything), but make it handheld? It'd be a crappy way to store very sensitive data, but I know it'd be really nice for my RP. I am a list kind of person OOCly and ICly!
Or like a voice memo thing (if that's not already something).
Something like this would be very nice for multiple reasons, be that presentations, planning, all that.
+1 to this! Note taking IC on the fly would be a really fun addition to the world imo. Taking down people's contact info, writing the license plate of a suspicious vehicle parked near your home, etc!
Yeah I was looking to keep a running tally of stuff IC, it would be useful to have an on the fly editable text box to hold, even if it wasn't high tech
The most useful feature of an item like this would be silent, off-the-airwaves communication with another person.

Beyond that, "memorize" suits the utility described. Consider it an easy-to-use-on-the-fly buffer for your e-note. Roleplay memorizing stuff if you want. Flush it into persistent storage later.