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Puppet Queue

I'm sure people other than me get frustrated when they're short on time but need an npc quickly, yada yada.

Of course not insinuating that the GM's are lazy or anything, I appreciate the hard work they do having to look up each @note and the file for the npc before each and every puppet, it must be ridiculously hard work.

The aim of this system is to take some of the frustration away from the player's end by giving them a time expectation. It'd work pretty simply:


'You're currently xth place in the puppetting queue, there are x admins online'


'You're up next in the puppet queue, please enter your .pose or to: to the NPC, IC'


'You've been removed from the puppet queue.

Sounds like the DMV.
This is an interesting concept. Basically an OOC marker that you are looking for a puppet. However, what happens when you leave the room? What rules get applied to this? What do we do when someone is /always/ using it to get GM attention?

Could be a logistical issue if it's abused. I'm interested to hear other thoughts on this.

I think it'd need it own special command because sometimes you want to talk to a NPC for flavor or because it's something your character would do, but you, the player, aren't expecting nor needing a puppet. Something like @requestpuppet.

If a player leaves the room, your request is cancelled. This should be specified when you type @requestpuppet. This way you'll be expected to stay in the room if you want GM attention, and if you have to leave a room, you can just leave your contact details with the NPC and leave a @note.

There should be a sort of cooldown so you can't spam it, or at least make it so you can't request it if you're already in the queue. If players abuse it to get GM attention all the time, it should be dealt with in the same way that you deal with players that constantly speak to a NPC in a spammy fashion to garner attention from the GMs.

The queueing should be simple, but I don't think it should tell you how many people exactly are ahead of you. I'm afraid the constant stream of OOC messages like (There's X other people awaiting a GM to puppet their NPCs) will be extremely immersion breaking. It'd be a GM tool after all. Assuming that it's even needed, and that the times you don't puppet a NPC is because you're busy doing other stuff like writing notes, gridmails, yadda yadda instead of puppeting another NPC.

But then... implementing it would mean changing what has been working for everyone else for years and requesting you, the player, to do extra work to get GM attention. So I'm kind of ambiguous towards this idea. I don't personally need it.
The idea of a queue makes it sound like GMs hop on and do nothing but puppet until they log off, trudging through scenes, until they come across yours. When in fact, we pick up every puppet we spot (and also know what the hell is going on with it).

Everyone lives in different timezones and have wildly different schedules, and sometimes they don't overlap well enough to accommodate the player getting what they want done. What has helped me, as a GM help the players, is reading notes from you all before you approach an NPC, so I know what the heck to expect. Sometimes it's as clearcut as a yay or nay, sometimes it ends with half the Mix exploding.


My point is that the idea of the queue is generally against puppeting practices the way they are now, which is accommodating to the GMs so they can work on the wealth of other things going on in the background while also providing engaging interactions with NPCs when we do puppet, and not man some proverbial cafeteria line serving the RP equivalent of dehydrated eggs.

I'm wondering if something akin to a note, but for puppets might not be a bad idea.

I imagine something like this:

@request-puppet for

You would be able to have say, up to 2 or 3 requests out.

On the admin-side, our tools could show us something of a list of requested puppets for all connected PCs. So I would see something like:


Hmm, my syntax didn't really come through.

@request-puppet Zenigra for discussions about the Snakes.

However it sounds like something more like a prompt would be better.


Who are you looking to speak with?

-- Zenigra

Why do you want to speak with them?

-- To discuss the snakes

How have you tried to speak with them thus far and what did you say?

-- Talked to him outside the drome and said I needed some of his time to discuss next steps with the gang

Your request has been logged. See current requests with @requested-puppets and cancel existing requests with @cancel-puppet.

Yeah, your idea hits the nail on the head better than mine does Slither.

I'm obviously not an admin, but surely it might be a bit of a faff if the relevant @note fort he NPC in question is dug under a couple other notes.

This new system also raises the possibility of NPC's contacting PC's in ways other than standing in a room and talking to them, which could be useful I guess too.

Perhaps the @request-puppet automatically logs the last pose/to: command that the player typed to the NPC in question, so the admins can see what they said to the NPC for example:

.wave to Seven "Hey, you got time to talk about that porn movie we want to shoot?"



Arrange directorship of the porn movie he and I discussed.

[Log enters here]

You have to consider that sometimes we need puppets from NPCs we can't get to physically.

Yep! I covered that.

NPC / Identifer -- Should cover if you don't know an NPCs 'real' name or if you need to contact someone who's name you aren't sure of, or if you have just a grid alias.

And 'how you attempted to contact them' could have something like: I went to three different bars and asked if they knew 'the red ike' and how I could contact him.


I sent a message on public sic several times throughout the day asking to speak with the manager of Westinghaus Apartments.

That would cover your use cases, yes?

Sounds ideal to me!
@Slither: <3
Superlove this idea.
Oh, nice.

This can be useful.

We know right now we should message about every 10 minutes (5-10) and give info like in but I can see how this option can help out the GM to give them more info &/or heads up about any notes.

Anything to help make their jobs easier is something I'm for.


As for letting us know where we are in a queue? I've observed sometimes that just may not work if there is something big happening RP-wise (like half the mix exploding, or Gold) and the GM's are working with multiple players.

That said, I've observed and also experienced when they are around that they try to get to you or at least let you know a better time to return. (Yeah, you're expected but they gotta finish handling some shit so come back in thirty, mano.) (blah blah will you please come back in an hour for your interview?) :)

I think this would be something that would simply notify GMs that a player is looking to talk to specific NPCs. It wouldn't be a queue so much as a notification system that could replace player notes (which are hard for us to track, due to their volume).
I am going to be working on code for this post town hall. Just wanted to let people know that something to better manage puppeting requests will be in the works.
As someone currently in an IC situation where I "need" a puppet from a particular NPC fairly frequently (and feel awful about being demanding of GM time), I'd love to be able to put in a simple, timely puppet request like this to distinguish easily between situations where I am definitely looking to have this NPC puppeted right now for an interaction with a third party and situations where the NPC's immediate attention isn't needed, but they need to know what I'm doing (in which case, I'd use a @note instead). I really like the format you suggested, Slither.
I would just like to comment that it's a little awkward when you need a NPC with the company of one, two, or more different PCs, specially if they're immies, and specially if that NPC can't be reached through ordinary means (i.e. when they're locked in an adjacent room). I believe this system would make it easier.
This is live.