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Protect Command
My body as a shield

I wonder if some sort of protect command should be put in place during combat situations. For example, typing "protect x" will protect x person, making most of the attacks aimed at them hit you instead, kind of like how grappling works. The protected can't attack but they have an added boost towards fleeing. The protector can only parry attacks.

Could add some flavor text as well, such as:

'Y swings his weapon at X, but you step forward and intercept the attack, taking it on your shoulder.'

'Y takes a shot at X, but you push X down and shield X, blood flying as the bullet rips through your back.'

Just a suggestion.

Pretty sure this has been discussed before extensively in another thread.
Oh. Do you have a link to that other thread?

Use the search function :)

Oh, did not see this post before. Thanks for sharing!
Wait, is it already implemented or not?

We have a pretty decent search function for the site that includes BgBB posts. And if you want to just check Titles and Subtitles for a particular topic, BgBB's structure is really CRTL-F friendly. Between those two tools and a few keywords, you can find things on the BgBB pretty easily.
It has not been been implemented. You can check the New Game Features & Bug Fixes section to see all the new stuff that was implemented. Same search techniques I mentioned before work there as well.
Anything that's implemented shows up in the New Game Features subforum. Since it hasn't shown up, no, it was not.