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Stop a bullet with a bulletstopper

I think a protect command would be fantastic and help out both combat monkeys and the weaker characters who have to rely on them (execs, doctors, etc).

Probably the best way to do it is to have a protect command (with a two-way agreement like escort) where one person is able to protect another. It should persist if the two characters are moving around.

I think the ideal way to do it would be to test the attacker's weapon skill/stats against the protector's weapon skill/stats on every attack, similar to the way human shields work, but possibly favoring the attacker a bit more. Having a bodyguard should be helpful but not as sure of a thing. If the attacker fails their roll to get past the bodyguard, then their attack is calculated against the bodyguard instead of the target for that round, and so on.

Someone suggested using evasion in the calculation but some builds that make perfect sense for bodyguards won't be as good at that skill. Someone else suggested multiple bodyguards but that sounds like a coding nightmare.

The bodyguard's pose should be set to make it clear who they are protecting so that any potential attacker knows what they might have to contend with. Bodyguards probably should need to be unstealthed as the job is kind of the opposite of stealth.

The person being protected should probably not be able to attack. They're relying on their bodyguard to intercede and trying to stay out of the fight. If they choose to jump in it should break the protection status.

Weapon type (gun, shovel, etc) should offer no particular benefits beyond what they already have. Bodyguards should be able to block snipers.

thank you and god bless

Oh also this should attempt to block incoming grapples. Be pretty embarrassing to have your client snatched up while you were guarding them.
I agree with basically everything except think that stats should be involved too along with weapon skill. If the attacker is faster compared to the bodyguard, they should be able to slip past and score a hit, or spot an opening in their defense to slip an attack to their target if they got good eyes.
im retarded you already wrote stats
I said weapon skill+stats my dog. That's all in there.
I agree with everything except blocking snipers, though as funny as it may be to hit the wrong person, sniping from different locations is more complex then popping out of a trash can and firing directly at someone where the bodyguard could dive into it.

One thing I don't like about Protect skills, in general, is that they usually come with no downside to the bodyguard itself. Having to actually guard someone should be a massive hindrance on the ability to attack and defend. And if you are intercepting attacks at someone, all you can do is block/parry them, how would dodge even work in this scenario?
take my comments as an expansion on how the stats could work

also blocking sniper hits should be a lot harder than just direct combat blocking

@marleen maybe not attacking but I do agree it does make sense to have a debuff to dodging on the bodyguards end since after all you're a meat shield
The idea is that you try to walk up and attack the ViriiSoma CEO and the cybermod ninja standing next to her unsheathes his sword and attempts to stop that from happening. You have to physically get around him and he's trying to kill you. Characters aren't just standing completely still and swinging swords around when they fight.

Otherwise the only way to really protect the CEO is to make her good at combat, which is stupid.

I think the dodge itself should not be possible outright, I mean, dodging out of an attack means it falls back onto the original target as you have, well, gotten out of the way. So yea, it will be a lot harder to actually not get hit, and while you otherwise may just swirl around the attacker and never get hit, when actually guarding attacks at someone, the likelihood of getting hit should be much higher.

Still better you than the target.

well I disagree with it being completely out of the question, if im a hardened street sam with a flashboost and tons of experience and some newb immy char tries to beat up my ceo im probably going to be easily able to drag both my vip and myself out of the way while the slow ass immy fumbles and tries to hit where we both were a few seconds ago

it should be a hard check imo but not entirely impossible

If the skill difference is so massive, why not just grapple the poor sucker?

There is also a question, how will being protect affect your ability to attack? I think the protected person should be limited to guarded posture unless the bodyguard drops dead. Otherwise, I can see quite a few scenarios where protection can be used for advantages in the offense, and that's a bit silly.

vera already suggested the protected person shouldn't be able to attack

and asking why not grapple is a really weird argument, even now combat players don't grapple people they can mechanically because the situation might not make it the most viable option

When you come at someone with a weapon, you're not robotically attempting to put it inside their body. You're always reacting to what's going on around you. If a bodyguard has successfully diverted your attention, they're doing so by making themselves too much of a threat to ignore, not just physically getting in the way. It's probably also likely that your intended target is taking advantage of that time to move away. Dodging seems totally reasonable.

From a gameplay perspective, arbitrarily making an already oft-neglected combat skill unnecessary would disproportionately advantage certain kinds of characters for no real reason other than a certain kind of simulationism. Since you can't really change your build in Sindome and can be locked into one character for years, all that would do is unnecessarily remove some people from the pool of potential bodyguards.

Sniping could be fine either way. It is kind of underutilized so making it a countermeasure to bodyguards seems fine.

I think this would be great. No comments on the details, but I'd really like something like this implemented.
It has been extremely silly that, while escorting someone for example, if someone rushes in and grabs the target, the supposed 'bodyguard' just sort of has to stand there and watch with no opposed check, hoping to get off a command to do something to intervene.
I think this would add a lot of RP and create more player based jobs and encourage cooperation.
I agree with what Vera was saying in their last post.

Since Slither mentioned this in the thread in which I brought the concept up- I don't think there is a need to add a new, additional skill for this. If there was one skill existing today that this could checked against (and again, with the requisite stat checks) I would think it would be dodge.

If you can handle yourself in combat to such a sufficient degree that you can dodge blows and shots made at you, I would expect that you should be able to do the precise opposite - to intentionally attempt to intercept a blow or shot intended for another target.

I would also expect that the Protect / Bodyguard verb should be physically strenuous, since you are going out of your way to attempt to protect another. I'd also say that bundling it with movement so that it functions similarly to escort would probably be wise. We'd need to be able to move as closely to the guarded target as possible so that general foolery such as grabbing someone while they're guarded because one player was room transitioning would be problematic.

In addition, I think that there would need to be some flat percentage chance to intercept at the skill floor and have it scale accordingly to investment and stat gains. The reason I say this, is that having a slightly inflated floor for the skill is of no benefit to older, more skilled and statted characters in terms of their ability to guard another. Should we wish to employ others and make this a viable career/job, then I don't think simply checking an attack roll from a mid/old character against the dodge skill of a new/mid character as the would be terribly useful. But that's just a suggestion on my part.

idk if dodge fits in with the idea of a big heavy bruiser getting between you and the guy, overall weapon skill seems like a more even measure of fighting ability vs fighting ability
My primary reason for suggesting dodge is that it is defensive in nature, as I would envisage the verb to be.

Making it tied to any (every?) attack skill means that by default, anyone who can blast a heater or swing a bat would be a good bodyguard, and I'm not entirely sure that lines up. On the flip side, I think there's probably an argument to be made that the same is true of dodge.

Weapon skills are also defensive skills in SD, even with guns. They have to be because not every character is able to rely on dodging.
I'd imagine an initial check of dodge, with the implication the inverse of getting -out- of the way should be the same skill as getting -in- the way.

But there could (perhaps should) be a subsequent check dependent on what's being used by the bodyguard and attacker.

Is the attacker a gunman? Well the best you can hope for is sponging bullets.

Is the attacker wielding a sword? Well you've got a bo out, so the secondary check of if you block the attack goes into effect.

IDK I think that's asking a lot from the coders. I just think a simple check at the top of each combat round to see if the attacker can successfully go for his target or whether he's forced to resolve his rolls against the protector would cut it.
Parry/Riposte is already such a stupidly powerful ability, that I'd be extremely hesitant to allow a bodyguard verb to proc off those attacks. I would assume that if protecting is the goal, then just using your normal-let's say place or turn order-in combat should be sufficient.

I could imagine this becoming quite problematic in the event we are talking the guard getting a defensive check on top of the guarded getting one as well. In certain circumstances, such as melee combat.

Well yeah, I'm paying someone to protect me, not final fantasy teleport in front of me to absorb attacks.
In any case, I think that there's general consensus, yes? We're nitpicking over relatively minor details in the implementation of said ability. The only way to make this a neat, cool addition to the game and not a total nightmare is going to be through testing, revision and feedback.

Also, thank you Vera for bringing this thread to life. I had intended to do so after the previous thread had gotten derailed, but the dreaded RL had other ideas on what to do with my time.

Fair. I'm sure it'd require a lot of playtesting to even figure out what would work best anyway.
What does escort do nowadays, anyway? It just moves the escorter to the next room a second before the escortee? Does it do anything else?
that is basically it kroack
Right. I think if protect is considered it should definitely be like escort+, basically.

I've played other Mu*s that have a rescue command which I think could also be a dynamic usage of protect. There's not many ways to save somebody in a combat situation other than grappling them out, as far as I'm aware.