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Predator Drones

Riggers should have access to drones that can fly into a room and detonate.

it could be as simple as an ethicol bomb with flying fins.


Seems a little hard to balance, it'd be basically a remote controlled bomb that if it's moving stealthily, nobody can really do much about until it's about to explode. Maybe if it's not stealthed, so the thing's just a mad, kamikaze dash to get to its target.

Price pointing might be a bit awkard.

IF drones could be grabbed out of the air or wrested from by checking HtH (Grappler) vs Rigging (Operator) - then I would propose you simply give them the ability to pick-up/drop items.

Then you could accomplish that more or less but it would require a few extra steps.

Mentioned this in the last TH.

Little RC car with a shitty webcam and a block of semtex on it.

Maybe on the high end one of those rolling EOD baby tanks with the ability to carry a gat.


But first some satire.

I feel that with the mechanics involved that the op nature of allowing someone to bomb someone without being in the room with them is too much of a risk of denying the responders any potential response, and I'll proceed to demonstrate this with a list of fire department response times from real life engagements...

But no seriously a good idea, more love for Riggers. Maybe allow you to track the rigger with the remains if they fail a skill roll, with a forensics check on the drone. Something like that.

Maybe first we have viable, purchasable rigging set-ups in the Mix, then you can attach something to them--maybe it's the same project as HolyChrome's DoorDash drones.

Except in this case, someone with explosives rigs an ethicol timebomb to them. Remote detonation seems too OP'd to me, personally. I think you'd have to dial in the time in advance, the way it currently works, and people in the room would still hear the beep of the countdown at thirty second intervals even if the drone itself is hidden.

Still powerful, but you'd have to crash a party with it rather than wait for someone to be walking by, for instance. It just seems too strong otherwise, unless it's only frag grenade force or something.

If these things are consumable and/or time-limited (fuel, battery, or some other hand wave excuse) and appropriately priced, then I think it would go a long way to balancing them. And of course, they should not be nearly as effective as someone in the meat doing the same thing. But that should go without saying, given the lesser risk.
I laughed Rhea
I am a fan of rigging a time bomb and the rigger has to get it there in time. That has potential for hilarious and intense big brother RP.

Oh maybe this too XD