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Power off Progia's!
For when you want to go dark.

Just a thought, I think Progia's of all models should have an option to turn on/off. When off, you obviously can't recieve calls, texts, whatevers, but also wouldn't potentially help people find you so you don't have to throw your progia away after every phone call your paranoid ass makes.

While I agree with you, I think they work the way they do as a game balance thing.
There's something nice a dystopian about a phone you can't turn off.
I think Progia features should be a bit more customizable but reliant on a skilled electro_tech to install toggle switches, ringtones, rip out speakers, etc.
How about just a DND mode? Keep whatever tracking happens, but not get bothered by it.
The 11s have a vibrate function which effectively does what you're asking for. You just gotta pay more for it :)
While I can turn my iPhone off, its still running to some degree and the tinfoil hat crowd will tell you the government can make it do shit while its 'off' already, so imagine how this shit works in 2103 ...
Nothing tin-foil hat about it:

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.