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Potential langue revamp
Ranks of Languages? Maybe based on Int?

As it is languages exist outside of the max UE system but within the UE system. This has created a situation where every character can (eventually) evolve to be a polyglot. Even characters with very low Int.

This creates a strange dichotomy. Where long term characters have yet another advantage that is one that is hard to match from a competitive standpoint, as a low or mid tier character, without sacrificing progression.

So here's my idea. Stats and skills are something that are divided into gradients of bad, not terrible, goodish, good and extremely good.

Help skills gives this rough scaling.

My proposal is to move the languages off of UE investment and into a reward for investing in the currently relatively soft stat of INT. And provide a portion of a rank of languages each letter grade. With a possible distribution below.

U-R would give 1-1.25 language ranks total at .25 a letter and starting from either 1 rank or 0.

Q-N would give .5 ranks a letter, for a total of 2 ranks This would allow you to speak complete and understandable English probably by the time you hit P or O.

M-J would would grant 1 rank per letter. And would allow you to have 2 complete languages by the time you hit good int.

I-F would grant 1.5 per letter and would give you a total of 3.5 languages spoken.

E-B would grant you 2 language ranks per letter. And would see you at about 5-6 languages in this model.

A would grant a full langauge as a capstone for putting that much ue in a stat. And you'd round out knowing every language on the list bar 1.

This reduces the levels of polyglots in the game by a vast amount. And encourages investment into soft and realistic stat levels if you want to play a polyglot. As well it opens up potential RP fodder and reduces minmaxing at immigrant levels by imposing a communication barrier on people who do not invest realistically in int.

How does this effect Nano's and the like? I'd say nano's wouldn't grant extra languages. And this would encourage the use of translation chrome. Especially on low int characters. Where currently it's viewed as mostly useless.

And finally if there is an education concern for new immy's that might min max unknowingly, you would maybe want to indicate to a helpfile about languages or put it deliberately on that character creation page the way in which int is affecting languages. You could also adjust this chart and start with one language fully known. And then move on from there. I just like the idea that you are kind of, allowed to suck... Low stats for every other stat have hefty consequences in mainline gameplay, except Int really.

I am not sure if that would encourage people to invest into INT. At worst you'd have even less people speaking foreign languages - and of what use is being a polyglot if you have nobody to speak those languages with?

Higher INT does already increase the amount of language-% you get for 1 UE, but the bonus is pretty pitiful. To make both INT and languages more popular, I'd suggest to drastically increase said bonus.

If the language system was up for a revamp, I'd suggest making it very easy to learn the basics of one foreign language, easy to learn the basics of a second one, but hard to get fully fluent. And hard to learn any more foreign languages. And on top of that expanding the list of codedly avialable languages.

Then most people would know two foreign languages to varying degrees and along with an expanded language list to choose from, you'd both have enough people who don't understand you and enough people who do to make it meaningful.

The reason for tying it to int with an average of 2 languages known by someone at the middle point of the statistics. Is because that's already more than people have at the low end. And encourages passive dual lingualness that should be common in a setting like this.
To clarify, the implication is that more people will have less languages, at the top end. But more people will have more languages at the low end.

And at the top end, most people won't have all of the languages known because they hit max UE and saved 3 UE to toss into a language each day for a few months. They'll have a realistic (GM/systematically determined) amount for their statistics.

I feel like it's a bad idea to harm the new-player experience by blocking fluent English at any Int rank.

Why not simplify your idea? Instead of a strange scale of learnability, just allow another language per 2 ranks?


B - 8 languages


D - 7 languages


F - 6 languages


H - 5 languages


J - 4 languages


L - 3 languages


N - 2 languages








That's just rough scaling since Knowledge and Technology don't always grow evenly, but you get the idea.

That's a good idea actually, I was trying to work it into the current language system, with it's specific ranks of a language fluency and to limit the amount of code that would need to be written or changed. I also have an obsession with curves. But your way works as well and is likely better. I'd say you get a language worth of ranks at those break points. So as to prevent needing to code it up, as well as to allow you to be partially proficient.

Also Ryuzaki4Days, who messaged me on xooc about this. Saying something about how this system hasn't had problems since the start.

3 problems with language as it is implemented now.

1a. You cannot play someone who is only partially fluent in their native language without GM service requests. You can role play this, but systematically you will always have 100% understanding unless you service request. Meaning that by the rules of the system, a person with U int will have exactly the -systematic- fluency and -systematic- vocabulary of someone with A int. This runs counter to every other system. And revamping in this way would both allow for this. And allow the system to match up with every other capability of your character increasing effects that are IC.

1b. You physically move faster as the right substat increases. You take more damage systematically as you raise another. You somehow spend less UE when you raise this one. That's not an effect ICly on my character. That's an effect on UE expenditure, which is not in anyway supposed to be an IC thing. As it's only observable through @ commands, not through gameplay.

2. Language fluency is the only thing you can spend UE on that is outside of the normal UE cap system. And from what I am aware of this has not been updated except to exclude it from the UE limit, since before the UE limit was instated. It is incredibly easy to game at or just before max UE, which is the only time it is optimal to do so. The fact that language costs UE like it does and delays development, psychologically disincentives putting UE into languages while at low UE.

3. Language fluency is the only system that functions as it does in relation to cost scaling with it's attribute. This is not a good thing from a game design standpoint. As it is a stand alone system, that is not integrated into the other mechanics as relates to attributes.

If you or anyone else want the tl;dr. Language system is bad from a design psychology standpoint(Sometimes this is called called game feel.) And from a design systems standpoint. It incentivizes poor choices, and is an easily exploited system. And does not match up with the other systems that are akin to it. Systems that incentivize poor psychological choices, or are prone to systematic exploitation, in any game, should be closed. For full details read the above. But please don't argue with me based on this TL;dr.