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Playing dead with chromes
SK "Didelphidae" Metabolic Modulator

How about cybernetics that allow the owner to pass out, or perhaps even assume a corpse-like state at will for a certain period of time? Though perhaps the latter would be complicated to code, it would allow for interesting strategies by characters in fights they don't want, or to allow for some chicanery and shenanigans to pull off heists and infiltrate/exfiltrate places as a corpse.

Presumably this would fail to fool anything but a cursory glance by laymen.

I could see tiers of a nano for this. Something that forces the body into varying states of hibernation maybe? If you're just trying to fool laymen, maybe it pulls heat toward your core and puts you under, giving a pale, dead look? More advanced models could produce rigor mortis effects and slow heartrate to a near dead stop, and the nanos take over the task of delivery?

I don't know for sure on all that, but sounds fun in theory.

Would simply encourage others to start carrying hacksaws to cut heads off to finish the job.
I like this interesting idea.

+1 for more hacksaws.

+1 for titanium neck implants as a countermeasure.

Hah. +1 to Hek's +1s