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player visible 'kill me' tag
No need to go easy on this one...

It can be super hard and time consuming to get a character permed. I have always been a fan of taking your character that you are done with and pushing with them until they are permed as this brings story and fun to everyone and, often, more closure.

But I have also found that this has become harder and harder to do over the years, especially in a time effective manner. When I am done with a character I don't want to have to spend several weeks or months trying to get others to perm them.

I feel that the general mentality of the player base, for good or ill, is now one that makes getting killed by other players very hard and getting permed by other players far harder still. Even when you help by running about without a clone.

Often I think this is because nobody wants to just smash other characters. They want to avoid that final, permanent ending so as to not demoralize or completely ruin the experience of other players. And I think that this is mostly a good thing. But not all players want to play this way.

This even impacts players who, while not specifically looking to perm, just want a more hardcore experience with fewer pulled punches. Something you have a hard time getting anymore.

So I suggest there be a command you can run that acts as a switch. When turned on it displays a tag that other players can see. Maybe something like "(HAPPY TO BE KILLED)" next to their name when you look at them. Or similar.

It is off by default but players looking for a more hardcore experience or looking to perm can toggle it on and play away. This changes nothing about the rules or theme. It just lets other players know that they can go hard and that it will be appreciated by the receiving end.

Can't you get this by deciding not to get a clone and being vocal about that?
What Rhicora said. For me this would be really immersion breaking and just plain strange to see on someone.

When you've been around a hot minute and are ready to make your exit, don't forget that staff might have uses for 'dramatic storytelling' in the form of a CP exit.

Make that new baddy NPC into the real baddy, let them perm off a long-standing character.

Unless you're specifically wanting to pass the baton to another player. In which case, yeah, just play fast and loose.

No. I've done this. Don't get a new clone. Piss people off. As mentioned before I've tried this several times. There's always someone who wants to save you or talk you down and many people feel squirmy about permanently ending another PC and some may worry that staff might sternly talk to them about 'punching down'.

And while I have seen staff step up and perm PCs that are ready to go, they have to notice that one of over a hundred PCs is wanting to exit and be willing to take the time. While I am happy to accept something like that if offered, I am personally unwilling to ask them to spend their resources on something like this.

I avoid perming others because it takes away a potential resource. It's an IC thing. I can't turn a baka against his enemies or leverage them, etc. if they're gone gone.

But wanting to go? If you're looking to end it with PC to PC rp, maybe you can get yourself in a compromising sitch then do a quick ooc about your end goal, i.e. wanting to perm.

I've had one or two instances in the past where I cleared it through staff to ooc another player regarding RP goals that weren't mechanically supported, for example.

This isn't quite the same, but in a player culture where people shy away from forever deading someone, that might be an acceptable middle ground.

Conversely, you might be above to convey it ICly with words/poses.

Joebaka says, "Fuck you, BigBoss, I'll bury myself before I turn on Lil Sass."

::'s face is a storm of stubborn conviction. "So kill me, baka. Put me in the dirt for good if you gotta, cause it's the only satisfaction you'll get."