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Planting items on corpses.
Let me send a message. Or frame someone.

My idea is a simple one.

As it currently stands, unless I'm terribly stupid and have missed one way to do it after trying many, you cannot give items, put items or plant items on corpses.

I'd like to see this changed, because (and I promise I'm not a serial killer) I'd like the dramatic flair of leaving a message pinned to/on a corpse after ending someone's life, calling cards left on corpses, items planned on corpses to potentially frame them.

Support my idea to pin a note to a corpse with a push-pin!

In the current implementation, the way to do this is largely pre-meditated with the use of @fatal and plant before subsequently neck-breaking a fool. To Crashdown's point, it definitely leaves a bit to be desired.

Ways to tamper with corpses that were both detectable via Forensics and encouraged the morbidly entrepreneurial to be a bit wary ala Cat's Cradles (mentioned here ) would be great.

I don't think it would be super hard to allow planting an item in a corpse. The difficulty would be in making it possible to detect items that had been planted post death via forensics. Not impossible though!

(Edited by Slither at 8:47 pm on 11/1/2021)