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Ping the Sic
ditch the spam.

Unless there is a way to do this already...

I would like to have a simple way to ping the sic just to see if there is a signal or not. ATM, i type who, or ch, but inevitably get a bunch of spam of all my keys and info or everybody online when i really just want to know if i'm visible on SIC or not.

command: cp (for ping..get it? :-)

results = either "

cc, ca, ce w/o args is pretty short
You can who and it won't bring up the full list to spam your window out.
If you type ct you will get a one line response about your sic tag, if you are on SIC.
who letter - who a as an example.
oops. It didn't like that post. I think it was some of the symbols i tried to use so i'll try again:

Results either *SYSTEM*>> Secure Identification Chip -sic number- is online


lrn2rd scrb
whoa. Those were quick replies! haha I didnt even get a chance to finish!

Thanks for the ideas. ;-p