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Pin flyer to here
Be a conscientious litterer!

It'd be nice to have the pin verb added to flyers so they don't have to be blowing all over in the streets.

I can think of some additional use cases for flyers if they could be appended to a room description in the same way a photo could be, and not clog up the output with a wall of junk, assuming the flyers are not simply copies of each other.

What would be the difference between it displaying within the description paragraphs versus one line break later, where it can be easily sorted with other objects? An object in room is not necessarily on the ground, or discarded -- it's simply present in some non-specific way.


An example:

A newspaper [The Red Report, Issue 17], a newspaper [The Red Report, Issue 18], a newspaper [The Red Report, Issue 22], a newspaper [The Red Report, Issue 23] are scattered on top of the ceramic tile topped coffee table.


A handful of flyers are pinned up on the wall.

This would definitely help to eliminate room clutter. A cabinet does the same deal, but it doesn't let you display papers like photos.
i also do not want to install a cabinet on a street when i wanna pin a flyer to a pole
I think this would really be a two-for-one deal for ambiance and quality of life changes. It would also drive conflict if there's a limited number of open 'spots' per room.
How about a bulletin board furniture item that could hold a bunch of documents in a clutter-free list when looked at? Then it could be something people could purchase/install/steal to improve a home or business space.
I had thought about asking for a cork board or something along those lines, but figured that pin being added to flyers would probably be the more robust solution.

That said, I'd still love a cheaper version of something like the whiteboard to post notes, letters, flyers, pics, etc to.

I just want to bump this up. I think it would be nice to be able to pin a flyer with a short display message, much like you're able to set when installing artwork.

This way you could tape the flyer to a pole, staple it to a fence, or neatly place it on a door.