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Physical chyen bills
Quality of life, schmality of life.

I was thinking that the quality of life in the Mix isn't as terrible as it should be, and we all know that making the game more annoying adds more RP and motivation to get better tools.

My proposal is that instead of chyen being kept track of by a single number, the character's cash should be kept track of by bills and coins instead. For example, instead of having 2452 chyen, JoeBaka might 'count' and see "You have 3 five hundred-chyen bills, 9 hundred-chyen bills, and 52 chyen coins."

To pay someone, the character must count the money in their hands manually, for example:

to Joebaka A pint of beer please.

JoeBaka [to You]: That'll be 67 chyen, chummer.

to Joebaka Alright.

cash 6 10

cash 7 1

pay JoeBaka

Shortchange could work the way it used to, with higher risk of failing the more the number stated differ from the cash actually in your hand.

Instead of picking a percentage of a person's cash, pickpockets may instead pick out 2-3 of the highest denomination currency the victim has. I mean, it can't be that easy to pickpocket someone with a pocket full of coins.

NPCs could be given the power to make changes as necessary, and bars could have a change machine for bartenders to sort out changes for the customers. This way, people have more reasons to duck into bars and buy a drink in order to ask for changes to be made.

This will also make topside's usage of cashless transfers much more preferable, and might even encourage some Mixers to hustle and make Red Central go cashless.

Also, just in case somebody thought I'm kidding, this suggestion is entirely serious.

While I think it's kind of funny to imagine paying people in the mix in large-denomination corporate bills that effectively can't be used, I think that the novelty factor of this would wear off extremely quickly.

That said, adding other features in this nature to cut down on what an absolute money farm dipping is would probably be pretty good, overall.

Thanks, I hate it.
At the end of the day this is supposed to be a game that's fun, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with this. XD

I am sure that there would be some funny inconveniences that would arise from this, but at the end of the day, they are just that - inconveniences. The novelty would indeed wear thin.


I'm a little confused on this "fun" thing. Could you elaborate?

I don't mind this idea, conceptually there is nothing wrong with it. I can see why some people wouldn't like it and honestly it doesn't add much complexity as a feature.

Regardless, from game point perspective it might generate bloat which as a general rule is bad for the MOO.

In contrast this would make credchips a lot more convenient and desirable even in the Mix.

This seems entirely like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
A fun play off of this, every player's cash on hand inventory is a randomized percentage of each corporation's currency (corp players obviously would be 100% only their corp's currency). Then the amount of cash you have on hand would change based on how the stock for that corp is doing.


Player A has "1000" currency on hand, with a mix of 50% Corp X and 50% Corp Y.

Corp X has a ticker price of 110, meaning their currency is worth 110%, while corp Y has a ticker of 80, or 80%. When they 'count' they would see they only have 940 chyen on hand (550+400).

Overly complex? Absolutely. Does it add anything? Nope! Would it be funny to watch someone on the absolute brink think they have enough to get a lev, only to find out their wad has depreciated during the walk and they're too poor to get home? Hell yeah!

That would be funny, although I'm not sure if the calculations might get a bit too much. People not knowing how much money they actually have would be kind of cool though and capture what it's like to live in the slums.
I would rather throw my entire wad of cash at a bartender than have to do math.

If NPCs also go "eff it, just take a handful" then I'm in.

Seems really needlessly tedious, going to get old quite quickly. Not really sure how much texture it adds for the extra annoyance.

The reality of how anachronistic cash and coins seem in 2020 for 99% of interactions makes how much physical chy is in place in Withmore as it is already pretty silly.

Fixers will go on strike if they have to do this.
2 letters: no.
Whenever a thread bases it's ideas on making the Mix more painful / have less quality of life for seemingly no reason but for the hell of making the Mix more painful, I'm already inclined to say no. It might be an interesting novelty for a while, but, no, I don't think this is going to do much but frustrate and confuse people.
Making quality of life worse in the Mix is a driver of RP by giving topside citizens more leverage to push plots and pressure Mixers into working for them. A Mixer may prefer to accept a neatly countable 5000-chyen bill from Corpie McStingy compared to the chaotic mess that his fellow Mixers would pay him, even if the job would've been more worth his time.
I'm following that train of thought, Cinder, but I just don't think this idea would do what you want it to/think it would.
It's a good idea... but QoL stuff should be taken into account OOCly. QoL is meant to help the player with game mechanics that could be simplified and not make normal tasks tedious.

Also please I have enough math IRL I don't need to have to count chyen bills in here too.