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Photograph numbering system QoL
'loosen 4th photo' - oh SHIT NOT THAT ONE

Anyone who's dealt with more than one photograph in Sindome knows that it becomes insanely confusing to hang photos on the wall/take them down, because sometimes the photos keep their original multiple number, and sometimes they don't. A photo could be the 15th photo when it's on the wall, then once you loosen it and it falls on the floor (or once you pick it up), it either becomes the 14th photo, the 1st photo, the last photo, or something totally different.

The numbering system also doesn't differentiate between photos on a wall and photos on the floor; it's all labelled with the same room location name when you 'count' them. Which makes it really difficult to see which photos you still need to loosen or pick up at first glance.

In addition, I've heard people say that they tried to trash a specific photo that they were holding in their hands (the '2nd' photo, for example), and the game accidentally trashed a photo that was hanging on the wall!

I think this numbering system could use some more clarity. It would be a dream come true if you could target a photograph by name, i.e. loosen "photograph of Joe Baka". I'm not sure how that works with the current way photos are displayed, however, which is "photograph of Joe Baka - Location of Photo - Room of Photo", if you'd need to type the entire thing, or just the first part.

It would also be super helpful if photos on the floor were somehow distinguished from photos on the wall when you 'count' them.

Nothing special here, same counting rules apply to all objects and photos shouldn't behave differently. We can look into indicating state when counting though.
Ok, pinned photos will be called out when you count them.
It would be a dream come true if you could target a photograph by name, i.e. loosen "photograph of Joe Baka".

Try "loosen photo of Joe Baka". That should work.

This also stops working after 50 photos. You can't loosen the 51st photo or even look at it.
50 is where our nth support ends.