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Periodic, automatic events
Would the community have fun with this?

Basic idea would be periodic, unannounced, and interactive events that people can influence or ignore at will without major intervention from staff. An example:

delivery to the prison on Red.

Occurs, let's say, once a month at a regular interval that players could over time learn, study, and exploit.

How it plays out:

A convoy of vehicles arrives through the Omega gates filled with corpsec security or something as an escort to deliver valuable resources (drugs, guns, handcuffs, whatever maybe it changes month to month) to the prison. The cars move from room to room in plain sight, halt at the prison for a while to be cleared, then enter the prison to offload crates. After the crates are off-loaded by NPCs , or prison PCs, they are brought to some secure room and 'stored' aka they disappear after an hour or something, and the convoy drives off.

Players could attempt to do things like:

Block the convoy and rob the vehicles

Ambush the convoy at the prison

Bribe a prison guard PC to miss a couple crates and sell them off on the side

Choose to protect the convoy as a TERRA agent/good-cop type person

Throw bombs at the convoy and just watch the world burn

You get the idea. It would be nearly automatic, as in any aggression to the vehicles or staff sets the NPCs to auto-aggro on aggressors, like the gangers currently do. Maybe even certain shipments require WJF oversight for high-value deliveries which would give WJF PCs an excuse to push into Red.

The crates, in this case, could be opened with some in-game tool like a wrecking bar or something, and valuable items would be found inside to be dealt with however the players want to deal with them.

Things this opens up: Puts more players out in the open more often, both to team up on little missions, and to be sniped/dipped/whatever by other PCs.

Potential problem: Kind of a 'quest' like thing that SD doesn't normally do, and could be considered by some to be too farmable? I think if it was coded correctly, the fun and potential for RP/PK/interaction outweighs this 'issue'.

Also, could be a pain to code, not sure on that. Sounds like a fun thing to me, but maybe not for everyone, what do you think?

There's an ungodly amount of posts in ideas already discussing this. Might I recommend this one:
ACTUALLY. Here's a more recent one with feedback from Slither...
You lost me at automatic, there are already automatic 'events' which are executed via the 'dispatcher system' and even these are overseen and execute by the staff.

I can't really see nothing as complex as what you are suggesting without GM intervention and supervision, even if it was possible to automate it I still would not recommend it.

Seriously, folks need to stop trying to squeeze chyen out of the game via automation.

The answer is always other players, this is a social game, play with others in a cooperative competitive way.

The Dome does feel pretty dead most of the time. Player-driven actions are the ideal but there's not really enough players to make the city feel alive, it would be interesting to see NPCs do something a little more involved than just wander from room to room without being actively puppetted.
I apologize for going off topic here.

@0x1mm I keep reading you saying there aren't enough players this, the dome is dead that, etc, etc.

I would like to believe this is either a fallacy or a self-professed prophecy.

Please let me explain, there has never been as many players right now in the game in 20 years and the number keeps growing every year.

Lets back-up lets say 5 years, there was less than half the players than there are now and the game was lively as hell. Shit was going DOWN, all day long.

I knew every single character that played in the game and they knew mine. SIC was a lot more active and contestant.

So what changed? The rooster of players and how they go about playing the game.

If everyone is afraid to talk shit on SIC and if everyone is too lazy to get out of their cube and make drek happen, guess what?

It doesn't matter if there were a million players in the game, because they are all going to be too adverse to take risks, create conflict and generate RP to make the game feel alive.

If you have the energy and the time, be the change you want to be in the game world, instead of playing the 'ghost town' card, push your fellow players to change their ways and make SD great again.

To start with, I think that automated events are an interesting idea and am always excited when Slither rolls one out. Neutral things that are like background activities that would normally happen in the city could be cool. People could make of them what they will.

On the other hand, a lot of things that I hear people wanting to do against NPCs are actually already possible with a PC target instead. PCs go in and out of the prison all the time. There is nothing stopping a character from trying to do something cool with this. And if you want to rob a store, why not target one run by a PC? Try and catch them there, hold them up and demand money from the register or items from the shelves. The PCs that run shops can do those things.

A good exercise is to think about what cool plan you'd love to inflict on an NPC or NPC run location and try to work out an analogue that is PC focused. It's not always possible but it's surprising how much can be done in this manner.

But I also understand some people's complaints regarding characters spending a vast majority of their time in their apartments. Unless OOC circumstances make it unfeasible or I have a good reason to do otherwise, I try and keep my PC out of their pad or other largely inaccessible areas as often as possible while logged in. I would love to see others do this more.

Even when you aren't actively doing cool proactive stuff related to a goal you can often have your character get out and contribute to ambiance. Gangers can strut along their turf or hang with a group of fellow gangers outside a commonly frequented building. TERRA could be patrolling or standing watch over high traffic areas. Corpies could be reading books or enjoying a drink at a restaurant or bar or just walking the streets of Green or Gold looking important.

There is a way for just about every archetype or job to be out contributing to ambiance instead of sitting in their apartment. Just being someplace visible with a nice @look_place can do a lot for ambiance. And yes, this exposes your character more and bad things are more likely to happen. That can suck at the time but I personally will take a few losses and deaths if it lets me contribute to ambiance and liven my character's story up a bit.

I would also encourage players to think hard about how doing everything in a disguise and on the down-low affects them. Sure. You might get away with more stuff without having to deal with someone lashing back. But you will also gain far less reputation and you will miss out on beefs that could have made your character's story so much better and your playtime more interesting.

I am not against disguises but I sometimes feel that it is used so much more (and for nearly everything) compared to five years ago and I personally feel that it's had a questionable impact on ambiance and the ability for characters to interact with each other and develop relations with other PCs.

This is all good until the events inevitably begin repeating themselves and people stop finding them a novelty. The same happened with automatic SIC scripts, and they eventually got removed because they got annoying, and people stopped paying them any attention.

You want real events? Make them happen.

Agree with villa here. Corpie jumpers were neat at first, but I don't know if they reinforce what they were meant to anymore with how frequently they do and how... normalized it is. Suppose that was part of it, but it's some of the only periodic "events" spurned topside and that's the only impression that's given.
I see both sides in this. I've always felt the dome was 'dead' (especially if you play at non US prime hours, like I do) and mostly attributed this to what Grey said. People hate putting themselves at risk, hence the disguise abuse/overuse, sitting in cubes, etc. Hell, I've found people completely ignored times when my character was made very vulnerable (intentionally) for other times where it was just a random bump in the street, and they were prepared with gear and so on.

But I also don't know if automation is the solution. Or that you can just 'go out and make it happen' like some people are suggesting. That's grossly oversimplifying the game, there's plenty of times where the right players aren't on, the admins are busy, or things just don't line up and it doesn't work. I can't rob a store if there are no admins on. I can't have a cool gang initiation ritual if the right players/admins aren't on. A good example from me a long while ago, on a newish character, went to explore a place infamous for being dangerous. Alone. With zero ways of defending themselves.

Know what happened? Nothing. I explored every last inch of it, and nothing happened. Now sure, if I xhelped/noted/whatever, I might've gotten a response and I didn't do it because I was new and didn't know. But the point is, admins might've been busy or not around. Other players couldn't have made it any more interesting (and they didn't want to go, anyway). What should've been an important lesson for that character that left them maimed or dead and could've created awesome RP, was instead completely fruitless, broke the intended atmosphere of the place, and made my character lose interest entirely.

All to say, things can't 'just happen' most of the time. What I wanted or expected to happen there could've happened, but it wouldn't happen out of nowhere. I'd have to wait for the right time and the right people and this is sadly a very recurring theme in Sindome.

Could this have been fixed by automation? Maybe a little. But I don't think it's as simple as creating recurring events. People will game it. We had the issues with disguise meta because people gamed it. What I would like is NPCs having more behaviours and things they do, which I guess is a form of automation, but... Not recurring. There are so many NPCs and most of them are extremely interesting with a lot of history and personality. It's then a shame that we only get glimpses of that when they're being puppeted. Personally, I'd love to see admins, without any prompt or reason, just puppet NPCs and have them go out and do something, start their own plots.

It's tricky, though. Admins have their own characters they want to play. But I would definitely agree the dome can feel very 'dead' at times, even if SIC is lively, even if someone just got shanked on Sinn, or a bomb went off somewhere. Many characters aren't gonna have a reason to go and get involved with most of these things. So they stay in their cubes and talk on SIC.

If you walk into an NPC villain's lair or something and wander around like a baka without xhelping I don't really know why you would expect anything to happen. The dome isn't dead, you're just being meta.
Like I said, I was new and didn't know that you need admin assistance for a lot of things to work. Meta had nothing to do with it. I was told IC a place was dangerous/interesting, and went to check it out. It was neither of those things. And the vast majority of areas, if not all of them, in the dome, are like that. Lifeless unless an admin is making them not so at that time. An NPC wandering around who does and says nothing doesn't change that, and a lot of areas don't even have that.

That is the argument. I'm not talking about PCs, I'm talking about the city itself. There is nothing to see or do unless admins help. Sure, you can mug, kill and chat with PCs as much as you want but that is all you're going to do without the admins stepping in.

I remember another situation later on, where I found something interesting and wanted to learn more about it. I asked a ton of players, none of them knew, so I eventually made a note and essentially tried to flag down the type of NPC that would be able to tell me about it. Admins got back to me and said they couldn't create generic npcs to suit a purpose. The area I was in had descriptions of those same NPCs I was trying to flag down.

That's what I mean. And none of this is bashing on admins, they're great. I'm just saying, the world itself doesn't work or breathe unless admins help. I've tried to get a number of people into the game, and almost all of them had the same experience. The city feels dead, even when you know where PCs hang out and such. If they're not interested in you or busy, good luck getting anything done in the game.

I don't think that Sindome is like most multiplayer online games. Even the ones that claim to be RPGs. I also don't think it's like your typical tabletop. Sindome is it's own beast and I feel that gives a lot of people trouble and it can give the game as a whole trouble if everyone chooses to try and treat the game like something it's not.

Sindome is not like many other multiplayer online games that are full of NPCs all offering canned quests that players line up and take turns going through. There is no plot that groups of PCs take turns exploring. There are no canned raids. The GMs can and do provide things similar to this on a more customized manner but 95% of your story is going to be PvP (RP driven PvP to be precise) and I love this. I don't enjoy the game play of most multiplayer online games. I am weary of making Sindome more like them. It's more on you to create the quests and to involve others then it is on the tooling and GMs.

On the other hand, Sindome is not like D&D or other tabletop games where all the players are the team of protagonists and the big bad world is the GMs delivering tailored content to all the players. In Sindome some PCs might be like a party of adventures. Some are the Goblins. Some are the evil Dukes. Some are the dragons. If you don't have anything else to do, go breathe life into the city by embracing the role your character is in. Don't wait for a GM to bring you story. Go create story even if it means being someone else's goblin or dragon or evil Duke.

I don't think I worded this well before but I honestly believe it is on every PC to push the theme and ambiance. Sometimes that means going out and doing a typical thing that people of their role should be doing and intentionally making yourself a potential target. Being the goblins. Being the adversary. Not just being the hunter or protector.


You want more ambience and stuff? Well here is the solution.