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I wish perfume covered up the stench of being unclean, a la 18th century France. Right now, it changes your scent, but you can't use it as a way to block out the scent messages that come from sex or just not washing for a long time.
Have you tried? It does exactly what you want it to do.
I don't know if you've ever tried to use perfume to cover up bodily odors.

It doesn't work very well.

Not entirely true, you just need to reapply it to cover up certain scents.
What you're saying is you don't want the smell of sex or raw sewage to overpower perfume you're already wearing, but it makes sense that it would. Just spray yourself after the offensive activity, not before.
No, I am saying that after the offensive activity, I think it would be cool if the spray covers up the stench, or at least reduces it.
It does. It makes your obvious stench less obvious. Sometimes you smell enough of a certain way that you get a modifier in you sdesc people can see without having to use the smell command on you. Perfumes can overwrite that.

But perfume also does not completely cover up your stink. In game, or in real life. Especially not in real life. If you want to not smell like ass, bathe.

I understand now. You want it to reverse the effects of not bathing. But as alkaline said, like in real life, that's impossible. You may give off the scent of wildflowers from a distance but if someone gets up in your grill and sniffs, your BO will still be there after roof running, banging and sewer diving without a shower.

Of course this would have to be explained to MOO players...