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PDS Warning on Visual Overlay
Due to hilarious circumstance..

Due to recent hilarious circumstances, I feel that this should be added for IC being able to play into it without something physical happening.

If you have diagnostic cyberware (such as a visual overlay), I think if you go a certain amount over PDS quickly (such as with @holdback or similar reasoning) it should give you a warning that you are at PDS risk. Maybe big flashing yellow warning or similar.

This was a niche case (probably) but I think it would be safe to say that if you jacked your body full of enough chrome to hit a high PDS limit, or do other things that cause it, that SK would have some kind of warning that triggers when you are too far gone for liability reasons. Maybe you can disable it with a cybertech.

Anyways, open for discussion.

Sounds fun to me. +1
Would Saedor Krupp benefit from this? I don't love that its so gamey and that PDS is so quantified. I get that it has to be because this is literally a game. But it's meant to be a psychological condition that is unknown and fairly terrifying. We do have PDS levels as a part of doc evals already I get that.

We already have people who oopsies just ignore me it's PDS and we'll hug it out. But it should be rather earth shattering and sneak up on you suddenly.

Then again I also wish we could do cyber installs while people are awake and that the messaging should be absolutely horrifying.

What I'm saying is that I am clearly wrong and your suggestion matches the theme already established in the game.