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Passenger information system for the lev
"The next shuttle is going to arrive in four minutes."

I suggest a display at each Lev station that displays an estimated time when the next E6 and when the next E7 are going to arrive.

Like this:

Not knowing when the lev is going to arrive makes waiting for the lev potentially dangerous. Seems like this is by design. Otherwise people would just check the sign and walk off somewhere to hide, or @ooc until they could step onto it.

As far as I know there isn't really anywhere TO go to kill time safely at a lev station unless you want to leave and pay the entry fee over again. Possible it could be made into an area where you can't @ooc, too.

I like this idea a lot as a realistic and QOL tidbit.

Quotient is right, both about @ooc and other FOIC methods.
Waiting for the lev can be nerve-wracking when you don't want to be seen. I agree with Quotient; adding an arrival timer would lessen that fun tension.
I could see this existing mostly on the upper sectors while Red's are all burnt out/broken, but fair enough on the points about it being nerve wracking!
I really like this idea. Being able to see when the lev is coming and come back when the lev is due would massively reduce wasted time. It doesn't make people any less vulnerable at the lev station, if anything potential evildoers will also save time by being able to work to the schedule rather. than wait about

Whilst I appreciate waiting for the lev is a realistic thing to have to do it's one of my biggest bugbears with this game. It's still 20 minutes of irl time that could have been better spent doing something else. We play the game for fun, waiting around for the lev is not fun.

Not trying to derail this thread (har har) but I thought the idea of levs being a shitty form of transportation was deliberate, to promote people using player economy driven forms of transportation.
This exists...

...but the rest is FOIC. :-)

In addition to what Reefer said, there's also the traditional way of asking around where the lev is.

Plus, needing to wait 1 - 20 minutes gives opportunities for crime to happen to you.

Showing you times would actually be inaccurate due to the nature of how the MOO fundamentally works and there is that sweet sweet tension.
The hilarity comes from the time being inaccurate.

"Shit, choom. I'mma be late, my lev's been 5 minutes away for 20 minutes now."