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Owed automated income
Thanks, chum! I'll get you next Friday!

You should be able to deliver stuff to NPCs and do crates, even if you're at the automated income cap. When you ask for work for crates, deliver to NPCs, etc, they should say 'but I won't be able to get you til next Friday.'. Then you can approach them when your cap resets to get paid.

This is a good way to keep busy when you don't have enough UE for your archetype to get work from other PCs, and you can still gopher stuff to accrue rep to get pledged into gangs, or whatever other benefits the automated jobs confer.

This may not work since certain factors are taken in when you get tipped by storeowners. It's not really the delivery agencies paying you.
Perhaps just for the NPCs that give you gopher tasks, then?
If you earn over your cap week 1 by lets say 500, then you are owed that extra 500 week 2. Thats 500 less you can earn week 2 right? Or do you just push that 500 to week 3? Then 4? In the end its the same earn, it just changes when you handed it in. I don't think the change works with current code in that way and don't see this being a possible change sadly.
Yes, it's the same earn, you can just keep busy in that current week where you've exhausted your current possible earnings. Much better than sitting around with thumb in-ass buzzing the SIC with "Anyone need a useless immie?".
Go out and find roleplay, you'll find plenty of work as an immy.
Go talk to people or hang out. Make friends, go on little adventures. Listen for data, meet people. Run. Don't think of your character as useless, they're not.
"2. Not all ideas are going to be accepted and if you hate an idea you do not need to respond saying so."
Ease up there. Incise is expressing some frustration about the newbie experience and I wanted to point to some alternative options. Automated income is just meant to be background noise so that you have enough to get by and even if nobody's plotting people have some minor business to get up to.
I think we're kind of all too used to derailing Ideas threads made by newbies with well-intentioned advice. Maybe it'd be better for discussions if we offered feedback on the Ideas themselves and assume that people will know enough to seek help through XOOC and XHELP.

But while we're at it, I agree that newbies underestimate what they are capable of, or rather, they have a distorted view of what more experienced characters spend their time doing. Sindome might not be regarded as slow-burn, but compared to video games, it's definitely not like you queue up for a match then suddenly there's a burst of activity. People seem to think that there's a UE hurdle that once they cross they'll spend all their time using their skills and stats and being able to rely on that entirely to generate RP. Not that skills and stats don't generate RP, but a lot of RP in Sindome really come from prep work you do through forming connections or just engaging in what looks like fluff but will surprise you in the future. So I just want to clarify for any newbies that might read this that what you might regard as "not RP" like sitting in bars and making friends, or hustling and preparing business connections, or any other IC ideas you can try to find by, you guess it, asking people IC, will be what you're going to spend most of your time in Sindome doing, forever. You'll have to learn to love it, because established characters certainly don't spend all their waking moment killing people or decking or tailoring clothes without needing to go out and talk to people too.

As an immy, you can make some crazy flash just running things for people.