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Option to auto-emote your @tp changes.
Because it is the same thing really.

Imagine something like training in the gym. Your char is doing bench presses. For the sake of people already present, you type :is doing bench presses. For the sake of people newly entering the gym, you type @tp me is doing bench presses. Such an option would save you the first one.
Yes please!
This is an interesting idea.

I have noticed that I have gotten into the habit of posing and then changing my @tp to something that is often times exactly what I just posed. This would cut down on that second step.

If this is implemented, there should be a way to toggle it off. For example, maybe you posed changing positions three or four poses previously. Then you realize that you didn't set your @tp so you go ahead and set it. It would be weird to have the @tp echo into a pose at that point.

@temp-place-emote > @tpe

it sets temp place and emotes it

@temp-place and @tp act normally

Oh I like that.
Also something I really would want. Especially for people already in the room, that alerts them to your new @tp.
I've added code for this for now. We should keep an eye on it and see if it makes sense. The tense is slightly different... I would probably do:

emote grins like a crazy person.

But the @temp_place would be: @temp_place me is grinning like a crazy person.

So the temp_place emote is going to be: emote is grinning like a crazy person.

If this proves to be weird, I might disable it. You can toggle it on/off with @options tpemote (off by default).

Love this idea! Thanks Slither. Really looking forward to putting this to use.
That is so quick, Slither! Thank you. Will definitely give this a try when I'm able.
Thank you, it works very well.
It's not weird, because @tp is for longer-lasting actions than an emote. If you do one push-up, you just emote it. If you are doing push-ups for minutes, you @tp it and in that case the "is" form is okay I think also in the emote.
It actually feels odd to me. Emotes and poses are generally formatted in the simple present tense. "Name sits on the chair." The declare what your character is doing right then. Often they describe what they are doing to get into a specific state - like sitting.

@tp and @lp are generally formatted in the present continuous tense. "Name is sitting on the ground." They describe something the character has started doing in the past and are still doing. They present your character's current state to others.

With this in mind I usually use a pose in the simple present tense before applying an @tp in the present continuous tense (if appropriate). I announce the action taken to get into a state then apply an @tp or @lp to show that state to any who might look to see what my character is doing.

Posing or emoting in the present continuous tense just feels awkward to me as it's not your character actually doing something which I feel poses and emotes are for. Most of the time the game presents messaging about changes and not about what already is when it comes to character state.

I am not saying anyone is wrong here and I am far from an expert on English grammar. I simply feel that seeing my state announced with nothing mentioned about what I did to get into that state just doesn't feel like it fits in with the rest of the game's messaging in my opinion.

I love the idea of this but I would not use it unless the tense was adjusted to match the way most other game messaging works and would likely be just a little annoyed every time I saw the messaging as it comes off as awkward to me. It just stands out from all the rest a tad too much for my taste.

That was my worry as well. It is definitely possible this change gets removed, if it continues to be awkward regarding tenses. I'm not sure there is a way we can automatically change from simple to continuous though.
A typical emote uses the simple tense, but it is a short action. Like grinning because someone told a joke. @tp's are long actions like "is watching the comedy in the TV grinning". In this case it is quite normal to emote in continuous.

I frequently start my poses with .am, especially when someone walks into a room, so this will definitely save me some steps and actually get me to use @tp much more often.

Thanks Slither!