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NPCs needs at weekly cap

Right now, if you have reached the earning cap, NPCs won't tell you what they need. I think they should -- that way, drug dealers and the like know that they can reach out to an immy and get them to move product. I think that encourages meeting new players, since the new characters are the ones most likely to have capacity, instead of just selling excess product to a fixer or waiting until Friday.
You can still engage those immys. Show them who to ask.

Otherwise, it would be, what, "Get me a Nexus mirrorshades but not till next week"?

Or, "Get me a Nexus mirrorshades", and you do, and then - I don't actually know what happens if you give someone something they won't pay you for, but I'm sure it's a complete pain in the ass.

They give it back to you, generally.

You certainly can still engage with the immies in exactly the way you say, but it becomes one more barrier of convenience to doing so.

I like the way the current system is working.

While I understand the frustration of having product and not knowing who to sell it to, that seems like a feature to me. It encourages interaction with immigrants, and as the immigrants figure out who needs what, they learn more about how the economy works.

This is just my opinion, but I think the less veteran players spoon feed new players, the more capable and resilient those new players will be. It is just like the proverb about giving someone a fish, versus teaching them to fish.

Anecdote (Sample Size of One) : One of my first interactions with another player involved them having me sell something sizeable for them. If I had not done that, I could have easily gone months before exploring that part of the economy on my own. The other player just told me, "I have X. Go find someone to buy it." I was left to figure out the rest.