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NPC earning cap visibility
And few other newbie issues


I was wondering, would it be possible to make the 10k weekly cap visible? Doesn't have to be to a dot, but having a rough idea would help oocly, especially as some things are not always clear whether they count towards the cap or not. And hitting the cap on green, as a mixer, with no cash in hand, can leave you stranded (been there, done that).

And the other question I wonder, is the payout from NPC lenders (spoilers not included) count towards the earning cap? I think they do (i vaguely remember hitting the limit in my first week super fast, and taking the loan) so could that be made sure that, well, it doesn't? I can't be the only player who got struck by being income-capped by the loan. Granted, you don't have to repay it, it can count as income but then maybe at least warn the players that it will affect their weekly cap?

I'd say that's up to you to keep an eye on your own finances. And as for the rest of the stuff, you'll have to go ask some chums IC for that sort of info ;)

Shouldn't be too hard to find out, as long as you find someone who isn't lying to you :D

I am few weeks in and quite fine with managing the cap. But I have to admit that it being hidden, and I don't think mentioned anywhere in chargen makes it pretty daunting to new players like me, especially in their first week where with few mistakes you can be cut off NPC income for 6> days. There is still player income of course, but some people need time to get familiar with this stuff.

I am not sure what would be the downside of having visibility into it? Especially as the cap is very much OOC thing, not like there is IC network of all ort of npcs sharing how much they've paid any given player to not accidentally give them more.

Yeah, I feel your pain. But if you get cut off because of some sort of mistake, you can probably learn something from that. Harsh, I know, but Withmore isn't about going soft on you, most of the time... and it really won't have much long term impact if you miss out on a few kay here or there :)

As far as the IC/OOC nature of that stuff, there seems to be a pretty consistent IC explanation people use for it. Like with most things, best thing is to just try and treat it all IC as far as possible.

I feel that being capped out of money after a day, just to find an artificial limit is in place is enough to turn off some players away. Or at least make them reroll a character, because why wait almost a week when you can reroll and start fresh?

Don't think that it is newbie friendly, and while withmore is harsh - it should not be as harsh from ooc perspective imo. And that is one of the OOC gotchas you run into.

I see your point, but it's the same as anything else. People can give you bad info, people can beat you up or mug you the moment you arrive in the city, and you'll still be in the same spot...

Also, while automated earning systems are nice, you can make a lot more of that lovely crispy chy from working with other players in the right ways.

I think adding some visibility into this is a good thing, given new players would not be aware it's even a thing. I've added a rough estimate of how much you can earn, though it's purposefully not a specific number, and you'll have to figure out what a 'teeny amount' versus a 'small amount' means ICly.
To be clear, this has been added to @stats.
Awesome, thank you! Did not expect such quick turnaround :).
Huh, cool, that was indeed super-quick Slither.

Well, hope that fixes part of the issue for you Marleen! :D

That was incredibly fast and that's really useful.

Thanks, Slither.

That was incredibly fast and that's really useful.

Thanks, Slither.


You are on a roll today! Amazing. Thank you.