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NPC Dispatcher Clone Angels
Easing the responsibility on staff and players

Automated Clone Angel services could be pretty useful considering the lack of consistent PCs filling the role, along with the staff policy/preference for orchestrate a courtesy corpse clone for newer players. It seems worthwhile to think about the logistics of implementing something like that as Dispatcher tasks grow to be more in-depth and complex, which I easily imagine this could be.
**for orchestrating
I think the uncertainty of a Clone Angel being around makes it suspenseful about if you're going to be revived or not. If there are NPCs for them, people might depend on that plus one "life".
First of all- There are clone angels. Its a difficult thing to orchestrate and it should be that way- It works the way it does. Not everyone gets saved- and I think it adds to the game. If everyone was saved all the time when someone died the game would be too easy.
NPC Clone Angels that exist only newer players would be a neat idea. It is incredibly easy to fall flat on your face when you're new, so a safety net would be nice for them.

This would help reinforce other newbie-friendly design choices, like 2-week coffins, so players are given a fighting chance at getting on their feet. It would also be another reason for people to not just stop playing after losing their first character (even though we know how inevitable it is to lose your first character, new people don't know that).

Give them one free clone. Make it cost something if you have to. A 5000c debt, a decrease in stats, DCD, etc. Allow people to opt out of it in char-gen too. Could be a neat idea and I'd like to see it attempted.

I honestly feel very strongly against it. There is the 2 weeks protection, Two weeks in the coffins. There are an abundance of help files. I don't think NPC angels are needed. If everyone were to get saved no one would ever perm. We learn from our mistakes.
Hence the single-use clone that provides future challenge (debt, disease, whoever killed you will still want you dead most likely). I would prefer to see people out and about exploring rather than afking in a coffin for 2 weeks learning the game through help files, rather than natural exploration without fear of losing everything. Not only does this provide players with a handicapped second chance, but it also provides plot. New players will find themselves trying to explore the game further to alleviate the after-effects of their death. This will provide much more RP than before.

Coffins don't protect you from suddenly dying and not knowing why. Sindome can be frustratingly difficult for new players and some additional measures should be considered in order to get them to stick around and not booth. This is one possible measure that should be considered in one way or another, albeit a bit of a freebie.

It doesn't need to be a safety net by any means. There's plenty of room for variables that could viably fuck up your day and make you lose out on your chances of a freebie revival. The basic concept could just benefit the staff and the players who take on the responsibility for it because they don't feel there's anyone else who will carry it out.

Now that Slither's chimed in on OOC-Chat though I expect that he has some good counterpoints to consider for being against it.

I am against this for a variety of reasons. I don't mind CA stepping in now and then when someone catches a lucky break but I don't want to automate that 'lucky break' either. Death is supposed to be a big deal, even with clones.

I appreciate the suggestion, and the position it was made from, but this is a no go in my book.

When I first started playing there was no such thing as a Clone Angel and someone corpse cloning you....good luck. I went through about 6 characters in about a year timeframe learning Sindome. I learned that a clone is important, I learned where not to venture at a weak stat state, Etc. My point being that this kind of thing IMO babies and nutures people and in observing the rash of redditing you nuture someone into a corner sometimes when you overprotect them. Their ego inflates because they have survived the game on a single character for 2.5 years and now they are entitled, Consider themselves “long time players” seen it all, blah blah. Sorry If I have gone off on a tangent here but systems such as this, to me, is where all of that begins. It’s a gateway like injecting one marijuana leads to smoking bath salts.

P.S. Not a dig at Clone Angel players, but an automatic save takes the edge off of something that has to have edge.