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Deleting notes

After your notes in game happen. You can delete notes so that way not a lot of clutter for notes that GM's or players read!
Imagine being a GM and following the tracks of a player's notes... next morning you log in and they're gone. Poof! Now you lost track of what that character is up to and have to scrap all your plot hooks for them. There's a reason why notes are persistent!
What do you mean? Just let the notes get deleted that's not important for plot hooks. I mean that's my idea. Like OOC and notes that don't pertain to characters. Or is that something that GM's take over
I rather like the permanency of the notes. What I would love though is some more ways to filter them, so when I need to find a specific one, I don't need to crawl through all of them.
Deleting notes won't happen, apologies. The database they are stored in relies on sequential ids and deleting a note requires we re-id all the notes and that requires reading/writing to disk for all the notes that came after it (by you, or anyone else). The last time I ran the admin command to delete a note we crashed the MOO because it took so long and maxed out the CPU. It's not the best system. It's actually got many many more notes in it than we ever dreamed. Good job players, but also, yeah, system limitations.

Also, I agree with the fact that deleting notes would be confusing for GMs.