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Was thinking a note pad could be a really useful item. You see them in hotel rooms, and if you have a roommate at some point you've probably left a message saying something like, "Need rent money for next month."

I think something that works like the posting board in the game currently that allows messages to be left to other other visitors would just be really handy for keeping your closest friends up to date with little hassle.

Why not just buy an enote, and leave it? They're pretty cheap, and sci-fi. Notepads are for old people.
Something like that, but made so you don't have to buy one for every note. I'm saying notepad cause it is a multi page item that had enough space for a few sentences.
You can put more notes in a single enote though. :p And erase them and make new ones. It's like a tablet, or PDA.
Maybe use a letter for quick notes? They're pretty darn cheap.
The fact that enotes are better doesn't really seem like an argument against notepads to me. Just another case of something nice corpies can afford while mixers are stuck with cheap, less effective notepads. I like it, personally.
A fully decked out E-note is less than two, two point five kay. That's pretty dirt cheap, if you ask me. Any mixer's able to afford them with a little effort.
The only thought I have with E-notes is no matter how much tech you have, nothing is easier than scrawling on some paper. This is a medium that will never disappear.
The ability to pin a letter to a wall is that is really needed, honestly. The rest of this is superfluous.
I feel like we could make flyers pinnable. Will bring it up when I feel like we've got time to spare.
I would love the ability to hang a flyer, letter, resume, note, or whatever, on the wall.
Yeah, this is my thought, but make it so you can add a reply to the note since if your trying to pass a message its very possible that someone will want to respond in some way.
Bumping this cuz I asked about it in xgame today. Pinning flyers would be nice.
You can just drop flyers and people will assume they're pinned up. idk why everyone is so fixated on having everything like that have a pin verb. An item being in a room doesn't mean it's scattered on the floor.



why y'all gotta be so extra?

Pinning letters and flyers could be cool.
Would be a nice way to add flyers in the way they won't get cleaned just to not litter the roo.