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Not Crates System

So while there is the automated crate system, I often find that people just run through it as quickly as possible. Without saying too much, I've been in a position that's close to a delivery point and it's hard to catch people for RP as they deliver as they run by and rarely stop to say anything (I'm guessing because they just want them done).

It would be kind of cool if businesses has a "Not Crate System" where occasionally the job would require something from somewhere. The person working would get a message that the business ran out of X. It would be up to someone working at the business to either go get it, or hire someone to go get it.

I think it would really help immies get two things: work and since it's a person hiring them and arranging for it to happen, RP when they get there. Crates give money, but never really a reason for RP short of being mugged. There could be a petty cash "drawer" that employees could use to pay runners and also give something for people to rob with a smash and grab.

Just a thought. I have more ideas on it if anyone thinks this is a good thing, but in short: a crate system that requires people to engage and hire and talk at the end. A cash drawer that can be used to pay for it and also give establishments more reasons to have bouncers :)

This actually already exists in some form. Many NPCs will respond to either 'need anything?' or in some cases 'what can I sell you?' and it's not just the ones you may have heard about. @newbie sort of covers this. Ask around!

One trick if you want to RP with someone who is running crates is to attack them and take all of their stuff once they fall unconscious. This additionally gets you some money and items you can then keep in lieu of running crates ;)

More seriously: crates probably exist in the static, boring way they do because finding specific items can be contingent on having money or resources to acquire these items and sometimes you just need a couple hundred chy for a cube so you can log off safely.

I get that, but I'm not talking NPCs.

People have jobs. Often times, and my experience is limited, these are simple jobs that don't require much. Which is fine, because that gives time to RP. I've wanted to engage people as a new player. I just have limited resources to do so.

I was just thinking that if my job occasionally required me to either get something, or better to stay at my job and hire someone to get me something, that would be a far better system then the automated crate system. NPCs would not drive the system and since the runner I hire would have to deliver to me, we'd actually talk and interact over it.

If there was a petty cash drawer to pay for these things, it gives all sorts of options for RP. Robbery. Embezzlement. Or actually doing what you are supposed too.

I don't think crates are wrong at all. I get it and it's a time vs. enjoyment benefit. I would love to see this in addition to the crate system. Give a benefit to the business owner if their people manage to get things the business needs, engage runners and people to hire them, give more opportunities to mug people, etc.


What you are asking for is already in the game.

Business owners hire people to get things for them all the time.

Yes, to some degree.

One of the issues I've seen on the boards, and perhaps in my first week, is finding meaningful work. Me, whether I was good in finding it or lucky to meet the right people at the right time, I found work that was interesting and some plot things to keep me VERY interested.

With that said, I want to help drive RP. In the other thread talking about immie greeters, there was a long bit talking about how to get new people into the game and make them feel like they are a part of thing. There was a proposal to give incentives to players who nurture and guide new players. That's awesome! It also at least illustrates that there's a perceived potential issue in that sometimes it's hard for new players to find meaningful things to do.

Yes, you can tell them about crates. But that doesn't get them connections or RP. It gives them money which can lead to those things.

What I'm trying to say is having a system that works like crates and is semi automated would help new/young players in a number of ways.

1) You're in a location where you are employed. You get a message saying the business needs X.

2) As an employee you'd have to figure out how to get X to the location without leaving. You're going to need to hire a runner.

3) Runner comes and delivers and you pay from a petty cash drawer.

4) The business gets some kind of ambipop bonus for you working and getting X

Unlike crates, this generates RP and gets newer players in touch with each other. The people working are not usually the established players who have resources and connections. The owner of the business doesn't need any of that. The Bartender/Dancer/Bouncer/Nurse/etc. probably does. Those jobs seem to be filled by newer players as a first stop. So why not give them something as part of their job that stimulates RP and moves some Chy around. It makes running a little more sustainable.

Additionally you'd have the concept of a cash drawer. There would have to be some owner audits on there, but in general it should be sloppy enough to allow some chance at embezzlement. It should be open to being robbed making another chance at RP and it gives newer players something they don't always have access too to drive RP chy.

I'd hire runners if I could aford them, not because I need things, but because I understand it's part of the setting and part of a way to generate RP and contacts. That's why I'd like something like this.

I get that people hire runners. It's sporadic and doesn't really help new players as much as something like this might. Anyway, it's just a thought.

Oh one other thing this would do, since the business would get some kind of revenue pop (I have no idea what they get anyway) it would also make employees who actually are at their jobs and interacting with people be more valuable to owners since they are getting more "business."