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No face, no service
NPC bartenders shouldn't serve disguised PCs

If you think about it, why would a bouncer even let a disguised person walk into a bar? For all they know, they could be a blacklisted person. While shrouds and hoods are a common sight on the streets, and you'd look like an asshole for calling them out, I just don't think the same should apply in a bar situation where a bouncer would be keeping an eye out for troublemakers.

Since not all bars have coded NPC bouncers, the way it could work could be just that the bartender just doesn't let you buy a drink, and tells you to lose the disguise or get out.

If you are a PC bar owner and you enacted a no disguise policy in your establishment I could see the reason for this.
There should always be that one bar that lets anybody in though. Like, you know... that one tavern that serves anybody, and it's full of hoods and shifty folks as a result.
The mix is a terrible place where people are struggling to get by, businesses aren't going to survive by turning away people who enjoy their privacy. This is a meta problem. Players forgot that there are 50 shrouded people at the bar and focus in on the single one they can interact with.
Yea, Why I can only see it working for niche businesses
I could see people not getting CHA bonuses to sleazing into a place (assuming CHA helps here) and having to pay door fees even if they are on the guest list though.
I think it's pretty fair and common for the community to ICly handle this. If you don't want people in your bar wearing hoods, tell them to take them off. They might oblige, or they might shoot you in the face, that's the risk you take for trying to push people around. Don't think we need to codedly ban hoods/shrouds/etc.