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NLM On-Demand
Netflix for the Dome

I have no idea about the coding feasibility of this, but...

How about a device to attach to televisions that would allow people to watch the NLM Library on Demand? With the way that programs are currently scheduled, a player usually has to wait thirty minutes in between shows to binge-watch. For those who are interested in watching television, this might take some time away from RP or plotting. In addition, I believe that there are likely some older shows that no longer air that could be placed on NLM-flix. The device/system could be pricy, maybe even rare, and also give work to installers.

Give this a subscription fee. Perfect way to spend your salary, damn wageslave. :P
As a subscription-based service and/or even pay-per-view (maybe using cred chips) this seems like something incredibly themely for the world's #1 media provider.
Unless I'm mistaken too the shows tend to play in a certain order? It can be hard to catch up on some of them if you can't log on at certain times. This would be really helpful and fun IC too if you want to have people over to watch a certain show/episode together.
Heck, might even decide to remove old shows just so you can earn money selling subscriptions instead. Also, this could maybe affect NLM stocks?
I mean, could restrict certain shows that have been out a while to a subscripted service. Or the most popular content.
I'd like it if this could be a thing. There's some shows I just can't ever watch without fucking up my already messed sleep schedule.
Could also track views/buys as an interesting way of providing competition for content creators as well.
I just love this idea as further gatekeeping from filthy mixers. Make it only available for higher end screens, cost quite a bit and even gate new releases before PPV, until they get into public broadcast. Maybe even require additional device plugged into TV for the netflix to work, one that can be easily stolen, so every bar in the mix won't just have it.

So much more way to shove it into mixers face just how poor they are, and get to hear public sic laughter about latest porn puppet, but unable to watch it.

So, this exists ICly but not in the scope requested.

The NLM programming schedule is managed ICly by an NLM Employee who can manually adjust all these things. Ideally, I'd like to see this made a grid-side feature where decker can make temporary adjustments to the NLM schedule.

Otherwise, I do not know if we should be enforcing players staying home and watching TV. Rather, I'd like to see on-demand changed to on-premises rentals wherein a group of Corporate Citizens would show up to NLM's theater to view content at a more bespoke time of their choosing for a hefty price.

^^ I would love this
There's plenty of RP to be had by watching television with people. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it does happen quite a bit.

In regards to the concern about 'enforcing' people to sit down and watch television together, well, it wouldn't be enforcing. And it's not like it doesn't already happen. If anything, it would cut-down on the time that people do spend watching television because of the ability to watch things whenever.

Reefermadness' theater rental idea is awesome.

Throw in some snacks, make it expensive enough to be a group venture.

Maybe it's in addition to the NLM pay-per-view idea, because I like the themeliness of flexing on mixers and making luxury services inaccessible.

Yesss. I want cinema viewing to be corporate only. Garbage out. More conflict.
Reefer's suggestion makes a lot of sense here in terms of not wanting to encourage apartment sitting.

One idea off of that. NLM has the Cineplex for corporate citizens. How about a crappy run down movie theater in the Mix? Less selection for Mixers, but provides the same function for those players who are unable to catch certain shows/showings at certain times. I realize that may be a lot to ask for, so just a thought!

I mean I like. If they can add a new tech store in the Mix, make a run down homemade cinema.
So, this was something I proposed a long time ago. And there are reasons we haven't done it. Some already mentioned in this thread. The movie theater is a work around. It works the same as any TV channel it is just only visible in that one room. As reefer pointed out, what is on tv is completely controlled by players at this point and the schedule is usually set such that shows run every twelve hours so we hit as many people as possible.

Technically if you have money or blackmail you could rp it l in such a way to get someone to schedule a show for you.

However my favorite idea to come out of this thread harkens back to the movie that really turned me on to cyberpunk in general: Hackers.

I would love to make it possible for a decker to hack in and put on the show they want to see play on some random channel... That would be amazing.

I don't have plans to add on demand currently as I think it doesn't benefit the game. But I would love to make it possible to rent a theater or hack the Gibson and play something on a pirate channel

+1 ing decker stuff and a mix theatre. I absolutely love the idea of topside and mixside getting access to different TV, and this would give incentive to more mix media, which is always good. Imagine a group of mixers getting comfy on the hood of a beat-up mono, watching some stolen surveillance tapes of their least favorite corpie getting fired and spiralling. CPAF.

What I'd REALLY like, though is more competition for said media, on both sides.

"They're finally releasing season 2 of X? We need to steal that shit, sell it, AND replace it so those dumb suits air our edited version that just spoils the ending."

"There's a snuff tape going making rounds in the mix featuring one of our employees who was recently murdered. We need a copy to investigate."

So I hear what you are saying but that doesn't quite fit with the game. NLM doesn't leave any room for competition. It's a monopoly. It would only be competing with itself via different divisions or channels. The mega corps you see in game are not just the Withmore mega corps. They are the only mega corps.