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New Wallet/Chyen Verb - Cram

Sometimes I do not have the time to figure out how much money is everywhere on my person. I do not care how much is in my pockets when I go to count it, I just want it all in my wallet. Also, if I have a weird number of chy in my wallet, I don't want to figure out the math of the capacity minus however much is in it to figure out how much to put into it. I just want it full of flash.

Is it possible to add a new verb to wallets that will take all the chy on your person and shove it into the wallet, up to the filled amount, without having to count and do math?

Does this need to be a new verb or should we just make the current verb handle the situation where you specify too much and it puts as much in as it can?
Both could work, but haphazardly cramming your wallet full of as much flash as it can hold sounds like something that should be noticeable to the people around you.
Not should. Might be noticeable. I.E. Making a target of yourself.