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New PRONOUN for man / woman / person

The game does not currently have a pronoun option for "man / woman / person".

I am realizing that might be intentional, given that pronouns like that closely align with @shortdesc

Given that, can we either get a variable to refer to @shortdesc in our @nakeds? Or a pronoun (help pronouns) for "man / woman / person"?

(I seriously hope that I am not unintentionally opening up a can of worms by asking for 'person'. Apologies in advance if I am being ignorant of the proper non-binary option here.)

Nah. This is a really good, solid idea. I see no reason this shouldn't be a thing unless there is a serious coding problem it presents.
Using appear I see man and person as an option I assume woman would be there too.
I'm all for a % to refer to shortdesc and I would use it immediately.

@describe, @nakeds, clothing, and maybe even poses could benefit from this.

If I remember right, this kind of already exists with %N. I am pretty sure it will put in your name or, if disguised, your short description.

I am not against a % that only shows short description or man/woman/person all the time but I would at least want to take a little time to think about WHY %N isn't enough already or ways that the new %s might or might impact disguise use.

Largely I imagine these new options replacing a name/short description with a more gender centric term. Why would this be desired? How could it be abused, if at all?


The desire is for additional flexibility in descriptions. After a while "he" and "his" (and their associated opposites) get repetitive.

For example, someone might want to write a descriptive bit along the lines of, "It is the type of clothing worn by a (man) who afford the finer things in life." as opposed to, "The clothing implies that (he) can afford the finer things in life."

Not absolutely "necessary" but nice to be able to use more of the language.

I am not sure how it could be abused.

I find myself wanting this all the time when writing messages.
@describe me as This rambunctious %x is defined by %p notably dark eyes and tightly corded silver locks. Etc.


This rambunctious guy is defined by his notably dark eyes and tightly corded silver locks. Etc.

And it updates as you Appear or @Shortdesc Change.