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New look options
Less ticks, less spam

I would like to propose an improvement over something that has always bugged me a little.

When you use look, you get the room's name and description, then all the items, then all the characters and exits. As seen in Town Hall this can sometimes be taxing for the MUD and very spammy for all of us. We dont' always want to see everything in the room when we are looking for something more specific.

What I propose is to give look new arguments:

-Look room shows the room's name and desc.

-Look people shows PCs and NPCs and their _places.

-Look items shows all items.

-Look exits shows all exits.

What do you think?

I'm cool with it.
Not only is it taxing on the MOO but it's taxing on us too. A little bit more spit and polish to the look code would definitely help out a bit.

I approve of these changes, 100%

In theory I like this. However...

* What about when there is an exit named exit? How do you look at it?

* What about when there is a person named 'People'?

* What about when there is an item in the room named 'Room'?

* What about when there is a person or object in the room with 'items' in the name?

I am not sure that 'look' is the best place for this. I think 'glance' is a better location for this. It would lead to less conflicts and less refactoring of existing code. I will consider it and discuss with Johnny and see what he thinks.

It also fits glance more in terms of what a glance means. If you're looking at something, you're taking it in, taking in information about it, thinking and processing that. If you glance, quick second look and you're done.

It'd definitely fit glance more.

I remember that one player character was renamed by Johnny because her name conflicted with some coded things.

Disallow the names 'room', 'people', and 'objects'?

This has been added. 'help glance' for more info.
I love myself sometimes.