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Nanogenic Booster Shots
These nanomachines aren't eternal, right?

Suggestion: Make nanos expire after a year of having them, requiring characters to have to pay to get them again. Thus, you have to go in to the clinic to get your booster shots.

Just a simple idea along the lines of the 'chrome insurance.'

I'm curious as to what purpose you feel this would serve the game. Not shooting the idea down, but I'd like to hear the rationale behind it.

Also where are these characters who survive a full year without visiting vats! XD

Yeah, bouncing off of Mong, death and dying seems to be a far better answer to this "problem".
Who the hell goes a year without losing nanos...

Oh yeah - 45% of everybody.

/me boggles.


Maybe not a year. I've played only a few months and never died, and I'm part of that poll.


I'm not sure why this should be a thing? The nanos I've seen are supposed to mutate your body, so it's more of a 'one and done' deal.

Nobody needs to lose more nanos, and those who don't lose them are characters who don't really use them much or really need them like...90% of topside and 50% of the Mix. So we could say most of the nano market is for vanity purposes and not practical ones.

I'd rather the players spent that extra flash of not needing booster shots in other players that aren't cyberdocs.

Just an opinion. If someone manages to live a year without getting vatted, good on them. Let them keep their nanos.
Agreed with most of the other comments; I think the system as-is is fine and makes sense -- if the nanos altered your genetic makeup, then you're altered until you clone. It actually doesn't make sense that clone updating doesn't carry over the nano-boosts, but that's an obvious balance issue we just have to hand-wave.

Some nanos do require ups, some do not, for balance. The rest FOIC.