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Multi-state clothing
the zipper goes up, the zipper goes down

Is it possible to have multi-state clothing, such as jackets that can be zipped up, or coveralls that can be rolled down around the waist?

Such an item, even if it doubled the materials cost, would be pretty slick, allowing the wearer a bit more freedom in how they wear their clothing.

All I've ever wanted is to roll shirt sleeves +1
Ha, the new game meta.

'A hulking hooded mano rolls up his sleeves'.

+1 -- I've wanted this for so long. Support for toggleable @coverage would be amazing.

The fact that I can't close jackets makes me insane. Let's do this!

On tailored clothes you can do this in the tease messages. It won't change the state of it, of course.
Get your old-fashioned, dirty ass Lone Star Republic clothing out of this fine Withmorian establishment before I have to call the law on you, partner.
I love this, it also makes me want to kill myself, but it it could simply be an activate message like prog cloth and then change the coverage, that would be nice.
Hoodies should be legal, just don't pull the hood up. Problem solved for topsie hood fashions.

@TalonCzar This is an American joke, isn't it. It gives me a bit of an inappropriate vibe.

Don't think it's related to this thread, chum. :X


I laughed

@Talon That is perfect.

@Evie Yes, it's a show that was called Kay and Peele that made a lot of jokes parodying racial stereotypes in the US. The point is showing how ridiculous profiling can be.

My opinion on that particular slice of this thread, and not to derail, that topside is portrayed by the white surburbs and Mixers in hoodies by Peel(or is it key I forget) and the WJF and their no disguise policy by the police officer. It’s a fitting joke, especially since classism can be thinly veiled racism at times.
It hurts my brain to consider how we evaluate /if/ you can toggle your clothing, but I would like to support this on player material one day.
Maybe add the ability for tailors to add a command like "roll sleeves on shirt", and then have them write in new messages for that state?
as the verb

@worn_1 description one

@toggle_message_1 Emote room state 1 transition

@worn_2 description two

@toggle_message_2 Emote room state 2 transition

Clothing always defaults to state one when first worn.

Bah, forums. toggle_article as the verb.
Tell me if I'm wrong, but I get the sense the issue is more about having to have two worn messages, meaning the clothing needs to switch between two states. It sounds simple but is taking something stable and adding all sorts of possible bugs that can easily affect these sorts of things and make everything explode.
I could see this being implemented in two different ways.

First, two different 'objects' that are linked and switched between upon command or second, one object with doubled up values for the applicable areas that display the appropriate values when a flag on the object is in a specific state. The second way would probably be lighter weight on the server, and undoubtedly easier to clean up. It would also allow for many numbers of states (the limiting factor is the object flags, if I'm correct).

Posing is a lost art.

I suspect people aren't going to parse through the three paragraphs of shirt description to see if one has got an extra button open as much as one might imagine, what's wrong with just emoting state changes? New @coverage, @owear @worn messages and all the bloat to go along with it, just to unzip your jacket?


While posing is truly remarkable, it is not persistent. I know that in the grand scheme of RP, precisely what I am wearing outside of coded items has no real effect, but it is one of the spices that flavors the RP we do. If I wanted to zip up my worn out combat jacket, I would have to pose each time someone entered the scene.

What if i was wearing a protest shirt topside and wanted to conceal it while passing judges? Do i now pose to every judge that I am purposefully holding my jacket closed and that my description does not reflect what they are able to see?

I mean yes, you can reproduce all that with posing + expose, but having multi-state clothes would be 100% awesome.
Is this one of those mystical Ideas posts where everyone agreed? Or do I need more coffee?
Bumping this because I still want it please.
Funny to read my old reply now.

I've become much more pro-description on everything in the last year, having different @worns that can be toggled between I think would be very cool.

Secondary @worns on items could do a lot of interesting things like allow multi-state clothing, or player-customized descriptions on retail items like cyberwear and armor.

I know Slither said he was worried about bloat when we discussed item cutomization at the town hall, but I think conceptually it's fun to think about still.

This could be added to exposing disguises, expose me knocks back the hood of the poncho/hoodie so that people can see your face.
I was about to post a new thread for the same idea. Glad I checked first. +1
With the new ‘face’ body location, we added some fundamental code that will make this feasible in the future. We just need to figure out how we want to make it happen at this point.
Johnny someone should give you a medal.
Has any progress been made on this? It would be a great feature, particularly being able to open/close jackets, coats, etc.
This is not currently a priority.

It would be great if we could offer alternative messages depending on gender, too. There will likely be, one day, a greater revisiting on clothing 2.0, where all these features come at once now that we're on ToastStunt.

2022 will probably not be that year.