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Moving timebombs
rig skateboards, wheelchairs, mop buckets, streetterms

So, I generalized this idea to a more ideal example that I'd like. But the core of it, is allowing the new vehicles to be rigged with ethicol timebombs. As well as maybe a verb to render ethicol timebombs mobile while keeping their timer going and them armed.

Some of these might be things, I haven't tested all of them or even most of them. But it would be cool to rig or place timebombs behind or on things and be able to wheel them around into places relatively inconspicuously. Or have a street term rigged to explode when it's used. Or on a timer. Basically just more mobility for timebombs. Because them being stuck in place basically means that it's impossible to be a supplier of boom, without actually going out and setting up the booms yourself or making your clients rely on skillsofts to set-up the booms. And that feels like a bad thing for RPing certain concepts.

Picture this: Duck tape the fuckers to a skateboard, drop the board after doing a sick trick in that corpie hq. And ditch the board, an hour later, if the corpies haven't noticed it. It goes off. Chaos ensues. Fuck the man. With possibly some forensics stuff for tracking down who placed the bomb after the fact.

Or: Slowly, you sneak through the streets arriving in the plaza, placing the pretimed bomb behind the street term. Slowly, carefully you sneak out. Regulating your breathing, keeping your body temperature in the neutral. Blending with the crowd. You make your escape. The next plaza, you hide the boom under a bench. All timed to go off at the exact same time, within a three second margin.

Or even, the hospital had a problem with theft, wheelchairs went missing all the time. So head of security, Lasiwitz BoomBoom Laserface, took an interesting stance. He rigged the wheelchairs to explode on movement and trained his staff in how to disarm the fuckers. Next time some fucker tried to steal his chairs, they'd be in for a real nice surprise.

Ideally it would only be obvious the thing has an ethi attached to it from a in person look.. And not through plain camera's and the like.

This is an interesting dilemma and perhaps an appropriate one due to game design. I do like the idea of using hide behind with explosives.

Does it work with vehicles? Should it work with vehicles? I do not know.