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More Topside Hangouts
Cafes, icecream, and waffle houses. MAKE IT SO

Recently I've noticed that the Mix has quite a few more hangout spots in comparison to Topside. Off the top of my head I can count ten or eleven places where mixers can buy and consume food or drinks, but in both Gold AND Green, there are only about six that I can think of, and none of them are actually -on the street,- they're all hidden away in other buildings. I am of the opinion that Gold could use an expansion and add to the variety of things available to corpies. I think having more places to socialize, especially ones out on the street rather than squirreled away, would really benefit the corpie experience. Besides that, though, there are things that're just plain -missing.- Where's the Starbucks? Where's the ice cream parlour? Where's the joint that serves nothing but sausages of varying colours and textures and radiation levels? There are too many empty streets in Gold, a place described as being resplendent in sparkling towers many storeys high. Motivate the pale-faced corpies into coming out of their bubbles and actually doing shit.

Maybe this could be a PC's initiative. Ever wanted to run your own place? Look into buying "land" from Withmore and setting up shop! It'd be really interesting RP dealing with the complexities of buying, building, and running a cafe or bar or restaurant. Ask the GMs, write an @note! Even if you're new in Withmore, you can still be an entrepreneur. You'll just need to work at it.

Yeah, the thing is that Topside for most people is Green which is more of a suburbs residential area and Gold which has a downtown business district kind of vibe.

A lot of social hubs, like night clubs or dive bars wouldn't be appropriate in Green. Gold on the other hand is very corporate dominated place and all the social hubs are inside corporations. Maybe Blue would be more suitable for such locations.

There are plenty of topside social hubs to go around, but as you say they are not off the street locations. I support and like the idea, I just don't know how viable it would in the eyes of the staff.

As for players buying land or rather renting a place an building something, sounds possible but it definitely would be an ambitious and challenging goal to achieve.

The thing is that Green is still being built along with other areas. I remember in 2014's townhall meeting that this was really the first time there were so many corpies.

There are places for ice cream, other stores, etc. but just like in Red, you need to RP it. Fuller Med would not be the only clinic in central Red and WEC in Central Gold and you can RP something, but when it comes to coded healing, in game the 'well known' ones are the ones that come to mind and we go to.

There is Baskin Robbins, other places you can use, movies, food courts, don't forget the Lucky Dragons.

RPing it can work.

Gold has 8 locations off the top of my head. Nine if you include another where are you can't buy anything but you can still hang out there. ;) Ten if you include the Energy Museum and then 12 if the two parks.

Green has several areas. 4 off the top of my head though I'm combining a few in the food court. There's a poolside bench, archives library, Lucky Dragon, park.

Then there is Blue.

New areas are being created but there's no shortage of places to RP or buy things at.

Owning businesses can be done and if you have a character who would come up with that then it's something you can go for.

My staff and I just added a wonderful new Corpie exclusive location to the game. Check the globe for the IC details.