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More Tailoring Colors

We talked about hot pink a long time ago, but it also would be super nice to have leopard print (there are some coded items with leopard print). I don't know if there any other colors people want, or how hard it is to add colors.
I believe you are too late... 256 color support is being done by the codey-people right now, so I've heard :D
... Don't think that's going to include leopard print though, just describe that as you would now, but with a wider variety of garish color options.
I'm in the probably rare camp that thinks we already have enough colors for clothing.

The only thing I could probably wish for is being able to modify the name of the color a little. Instead of 'black' being able to change it to 'oily black' or 'dirty black' or things like that, and have the block show up in the regular color it would. As it is, you can write something like '%S is wearing a oily $color shirt', but then only the $color part is colored, and I feel like the high lights offer some good data into the truly distinguished color of the garment at a glance.

But as far as visible colors on the spectrum go, I think we have more than enough color already.

I think pink is a real loss, because it's such a cyberpunk color. And it drives me a little batty that there are coded leopard-print items, but they are all generic ones, not custom.
But is adding in 256 colors to the code going to change the list available to tailors?
I can't see that it's been explicitly mentioned that it will be available to tailors anywhere, but considering practically everybody makes use of tailored gear I'd be surprised if it isn't high on the list of things to benefit from having more color options.

Of course I may just be completely wrong.

I think the only truly confirmed mentions of extra color use is that there can be more colors for GM channels, and that SIC might become orange. And orange as a tailoring color showing up as orange.
This change is hitting soon, can't wait! More colors are coming!
I for one want leopard print Xo3
I don't want more colors but I want special colors, i.e. camouflage, striped, rainbow, animal print (zebra, leopard, etc, or maybe synth-hide materials)
Not to nitpick, but those are patterns to more be described than colors that can be codedly displayed, I would think?
jameson, there's already the availability of 'flecked paint' on some artpieces, where colors alternate. could probably work it into that
Well art pieces require an individual insert of each unique color per changing letter, I believe. So it'd need staff to actually implement a leopard print color that calls on let's say eight different colors for one unique display. So it'd be a creation of a whole new color that has a draw of x amount of colors in it.

It'd need to come from one source because you'll need to allow it to change from dyeing for the %color modifier.

I don't know how much work it would take. Also I support implementation of more pinks into the color files! There's already a custom displayed pink color in the game. Let pink break free! Who cares if it's probably technically just a renamed fuchsia!

Slither has already stated that not all of the 256 colors would be expanded into the tailoring color options, but we'd see some cool additions and certain colors like orange and the like actually being the shade they're supposed to be. It's all listed in the 256 thread or wherever it was announced.
Just as a closing thought, you can see other threads on this, but we have completed this.