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More portable games
because who doesn't love video games?


I was reading the King of the mix thread and this gave me an idea.

Could we have more portable games coded?

I think this would help divercificate things and it would give the world a little more flavour. Plus it would give characters that don't like to go to bars (believe me, they exist), more things to do.

Of course, I'm just throwing out this idea for discussion, so lets discuss!

Don't like hanging around in bars? Get out there and do some criiiiimes mang! The Dome is a festering crime ridden den of sin, and we need you to help make it worse!
Lol I know, I know.. I just thought of this idea because it would support another aspect of characters's lives.. After all, things like an obscure decker that spends his time hacking, playing videogames and eating chinese fod is very cp (neuromancer).
A lot of time and effort went into King of the Mix I can assure you. It's not just something we can ask Slither to mass produce and diversify.
An obscure decker should get in touch with some powerful people, they can use help with crimes, I assure you! They may also have access to Chinese food ;)
@cerberus I don't doubt it, Cerberus.. I've only seen its thread and from how it looks its easy to see that a lot of work went into the game.

I'm not saying the other games (if they are done) should be as complex as KM. I just opened this discussion to receive feedback and as a suggestion.

So, there are good points to having these and bad points. We don't want to turn Sindome into a single player game, which is why most if not all of the 'games' you can play on Sindome are multiplayer or have a multiplayer component. King of the Mix and that one VR sim are really the only single player games (outside of the gambling ones like slots and blackjack), and they are there for folks who need some down time or are stuck on the lev or doing something else, or who don't have anyone to RP with.

In the end, if you find yourself wanting to play a game within the game, and these options aren't working out for you ya should try to get a game of something else going, here are some codedly supported options you could find ICly right now:

- chess

- go

- dice (basically unlimited games to play with these)

- deck of cards (same here, they are robust enough to play texas holdem even)

- riot gear

- roulette (sort of a single player multiplayer game, because others can play with ya)

As for single player games you can find:

- king of the mix

- VR shooting game

- slots

- blackjack

- deathball betting

I still want to actually use the Pachinko machines in Deji and nothing anyone says will make that urge go away. :-P

Still, Sindome has a huge selection of games in it. The Dice alone are loads of fun. As are the cards. Even better is finding off the wall uses for these items that aren't even tied to playing a game!