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More Obvious to Users Drug Effects
Because I got high.

Drugs already screw with you on a statistical level. What I propose is a bit more reactivity in the way that commands respond when under the influence.

For instance, Weed might scramble up your memory. Basically either fogging over it or, putting some strange ones in place. Random giggling might also be a good thing. Based on the strength of the weed.

While Lana might scramble numbers you input into a soup. Making entering codes a problem. phone numbers a challenge, etc.

While Marcy might cause you to do mundane things quicker and twice. Basically emulating tweaking. You might disassemble your gun and then reassemble it and disassemble it again. Shower, get outta the shower and automatically activate the dryer, but go back for a second shower etc.

Things like that, basically innocuous effects to just slightly or majorly inconvenience drug users. But also reinforce that you aren't in full control of your actions.

Seriously any other things you can think of that might be good suggestions, I've barely experienced drugs on any of my character. And so I don't have the experience on what is supposed to do what, it just seems weird that withdrawals are basically the only place where they remove your ability to function normally at times.

You really don’t want to start making players do things because “drugs”. Everyone is different and react to drugs differently. There was a time when a withdraw from a certain drug (I know this isn’t about withdraws) had you offering strangers oral sex. Nobody enjoyed this. People avoided drugs. We want more drug use, not less. I would only go so far in this as to MAYBE offer mood messages or thoughts to suggest how a drug user should feel, because not all of us are degenerate crack heads who know what their IRL effects would be similar to in the 2104 designer drug era.
That's a good point, I just find it weird that the withdrawal has so many effects, and the use doesn't have any. And it's basically an honors system. "Act high, go." with zero suggestions for those who may have never experienced this type of thing IRL to base off of. Which is why I was suggesting mostly innocuous suggestions, not anything objectionable and all based around messing with user input and not including others to interact with, not really forcing behavior but changing it because of the drugs effects.
I think if drugs start messing with mechanics and user input, then people are gonna be avoiding drugs again.
This is all nice and good, but you don't need to involve mechanics. You can simply and voluntarily decide to RP any and all of these effects and play them out creatively, your imagination allows. I find a lot of players get too stuck on the mechanical aspects of the game and lose sight of what its all about.

Drugs used to have some scripted effects that players rue and made them stay away from them, this got reworked. Drugs are probably still being tweak to this day since they are a strong part of the theme and have strong ramifications all over the game.

Also I encourage everyone to attempt to experience the aspects of the game you care about with your characters, nothing beats first hand experience.

Finally, the boards are a treasure trove of information (even tho the search function isn't working great these days), since this game has about 20 years old or something you will most likely find a lot of valuable second hand experience which will certifiably provide invaluable insight.

Drugs 2.0 is still, in theory, in the works, along with Grid 3.0 and Cybernetics 2.0. From what I understand, new scripts have been written and are just waiting for coder attention.
Drugs 2.0 and Cybernetics 3.0 are likely back to the drawing board as I won't be working on them again most likely.

I had the complete systems drawn up but without the continuation of the discussions and compromises, it's up to someone else to start from scratch trying to negotiate for coder resources and get Johnny to agree on the system specifics.