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More NPC faction commands for fc. PCs.
Let faction PCs put NPCs in position to operate w/o staff.

Right now if you're in a faction in an appropriate role, you'll have access to and/or be encouraged to use commands associated with your faction NPCs. We see this a lot with certain major archetypes.

One of the commands is an open ended one that doesn't always work, but there's also several static ones that can be used to have the NPC execute a command from the game. Follow is probably the biggest one we all know about overall.

I'd like to propose wear, remove, hold and lower/freehands/stash be added to the list of static commands followed by an item that PCs can use to appropriately gear up faction NPCs or put them in position to operate. So if your faction NPC dies and you need to get them their gear back on, you can do that without leaving an @note or an @puppet-request for staff to have to step in. Which sometimes takes a bit (not a criticism of staff). Or if your faction NPC is holding a non-lethal weapon in one h and and their literal favored weapon in the other hand, they don't swing the non-lethal weapon at the people attacking them without ever using the weapon. Something which can be taken advantage of by attacking PCs, whether unintentional or not.

Not all NPCs are mementos that reappear with gear on them, some are longterm, known NPCs that spawn out with zero gear on. This would allow players to get them quickly back and ready to go, get them to lower their necessary gear that they carry but aren't weapons, so they aren't attacking back with those items, and holster the weapons they do have if needed so they'll take them out of the holster to use when the time comes. Because I believe the AI on NPCs will pull out a weapon if it's in a certain spot.

I'd also like to suggest an improvement for NPC AI/actions if possible if engaged in combat, if they're holding obvious non-weapons that were left held during previous puppets/interactions, that they lower all non-weapons or do a freehands then a hold weapon. Just something to prevent experienced, static and known NPCs acting in an admittedly odd and unrealistic way.

I believe there is the potential to create your own NPC scripts but the commands escape me and I'm pretty sure they must be enabled by Staff.
I can't plus one this enough. This has been needed and will be super useful.
I am plus +1ing this. It's heavily needed.
I'm totally biased here, but yes, I cannot endorse this enough.
NPCs will already hold their best weapon when combat starts. There is no conception of them holding something different if they are handed something mid-combat. If someone is doing that it's cheesy and abusing code, so report it.

I'll discuss with the staff if we want to add more commanded actions.


This isn't about people handing items to NPCs during mid-combat. Sometimes after a puppet request is done, specifically for a major topside faction, they're left holding a relevant faction item that isn't their weapon. So a PC of that faction can't have that item handed over because that NPC needs it, but that NPC will also keep that item held because there's no 'lower' command to give. And even if their weapon is also held after-the-fact, they'll attack with the item rather than the weapon.

This post was the result of such an incident where a surviving character saw an NPC go down fighting only swinging a relevant faction item rather than fire off their weapon once.

Having been there as well, and seeing it happen more than once with a few factions of NPC's between that and Rampage, it is definitely an issue.

Never thought an eggroll was a suitable weapon until now.

Yep, we were all correct. The code that was supposed to be doing this existed but was not being called due to recent combat code changes. It's been resolved.

I was super sure this code existed cause I rewrote it like a year or two ago but didn't realize until testing that it wasn't being called anymore! Whoops.

(Edited by Slither at 2:04 pm on 12/27/2021)

I honestly don't want faction NPCs ever becoming TOO reliable. These are people with their own lives and opinions. They are not just there to follow whatever orders the last PC have them.

Some faction NPCs will just walk off sometime after you asked them to follow you. I found this kind of awesome when it happened to me. Though I could have avoided it be grabbing other faction NPCs I chose not to unless it made IC sense.

I may be, once again, alone in my opinions but I feel that faction PCs do not need and should never have guaranteed super reliable faction NPCs always at their disposal.

Also, I think that what seems stupid really depends on the faction. Ganger that is high as often as not attacking someone with a canteen? Why not? CorpSec doing this? Probably a little off.