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Minor chatter stuff
Alleviate some GM burden

Players in factions with NPCs should be automatically able to get certain data from them irrespective of stats by asking about the chatter. This is stuff that you often have to grab a puppet for that could be easily automated.

Some ideas:

"Last night I was attacked by a hooded shabby bitch."

"Last night I caught a hooded shabby bitch dipping me."

"This morning Marty(faction member) cloned out, not sure why." (if no faction member saw who did it)

"This morning Marty was killed by a hooded shabby bitch." (if another faction member saw it and didn't immediately die, or if it happened in public)

"Yesterday afternoon someone took my weapon. Didn't see who."

"A hooded shabby bitch pulled down some cameras on [room name]."

"Three days ago Marty got shot by a sniper from the south when he was at [location]."

With a little tinkering, you could set these NPCs to recognize certain characters (known enemies of the faction, members of rival factions) and they could even give you exact times if they had a watch on them at the time of the incident.

A lot of chatter stuff seems to have stat/skill gates which is sensible if you're collecting gossip from bartenders, but all this is stuff most faction players regularly have to @request-puppets about and there are no skill checks there usually. I think the more players can self-manage their factions, the less attention they need from staff, which benefits everyone.

This isn't just for Mix stuff either. A cadet or a judge getting data on one of their NPCs about guys fucking with manholes or tagging stuff or whatever and sharing it with their faction PCs is a piece of automation that could go a long way toward alleviating the need for xhelps for topside crime.
I'm leery of data brokers losing their niche here but as long as it's 100% limited to faction-related stuff and you still need the skills/stats to get general paydata this sounds like a good change to me.

A lot of the time you stumble on a faction member who's hurt or missing gear and you have to decide whether it's worth the hassle for the GMs to put in a puppet request asking them what happened. If I could just ask 'what's the chatter' and get a lead on what happened it would make a lot of minor incidents actionable even if they happened while you were offline.