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Minds Eye and memories

A chance for mindseye users to see things people have stored in their memorize.
Maybe either that, or pick up on things when they memorize.

It's pretty high level stuff. Would be cool if it had more utility. Maybe tied into INT and PCP?

I could see this leading to people not using memory and requiring stricter enforcing. Maybe it would work better when someone calls up memory or memorizes something.
I'd rather see this require a highly expensive/illegal forensics interrogation device that had the strong propensity to kill the victim and psychologically damage the user.

Gating something so powerful solely behind a cost and not incorporating a skill would be a missed opportunity.

Its obvious that the playerbase once it catches up would completely stop using a command that is optional to being with.
Cool idea in spirit but I think too overpowered. I agree also that it would lead to people just dumping memory as a command.
If you were going to have this, it should not be passive.

I should get messages like JoeBaka is trying to bore through your skull! Which then would let me flee, or fight, or get someone to help. Maybe there's a "tinfoil hat" I can wear that prevents it.

I don't mind the idea, but it should have some very tangible drawbacks or yeah... memory might as well not be used.


Invasive Voight-Kampff $script, please and thank you.

"Subject HC-420. Let's begin. Are you ready?"


"This is baseline query. Any attempt to resist or alter the results will be met with further physical de-enforcement. Do you understand?"

"P-Please d-don't hurt me anymore"

"Good. Repeat after me."

"Your apartment is a safe and cozy coffin."

"My apartment is a safe and cozy coffin."

"Is it cube-shaped?"


"Do they lock you in a box and do you take on its shape?"


"A system of cubes stacked upon cubes stacked upon cubes."


"What is the code to your Cube, Subject HC-420?"

"My code is: 4cy8sL"

"Thank you, end recording."

"W-wha-what j-just happened?"

Yeah like a hardcore mindseye upgrade that lets you perform a very obvious deep scan would be kinda sick. Might still disincentive memory though, although it would also encourage other means of IC notetaking.

The sanctity of your own mind being compromised is super cp.