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Right now it seems like first in first out option with what you are able to remember ... It would be nice to be able to have a forget option for useless information ... right now I assume many people might remember a code for a one or two night rental of a cube or something which is of no use after the time period is up, however they might want to remember something much more permanent for a longer period of time. I understand you could possible rememorize the more important information and then it would force the older information out but thats a little tedious. If there were an option to forget specific things in your memory or give an importance rating to certain things that would cause them to be remembered longer rather than just scrolling in your memory based upon your intelligence, I feel that could be useful.

I like how memory works, I think. Forcefully forgetting something seems a little not realistic. However, I'd really like if we could buy chrome to function sort of like a cross between an enote and memory. You could boop it right out of somebody's head. Or maybe hack it somehow because it's connected to your grid account or something? I dunno. More noncombat chrome yay? Somebody recommended something like that not too long ago.
Many people memorize multiple things per line so forgetting one thing would really be forgetting s whole line, something you could do by just memorizing something new to remove the old line.
Ok so my understanding is that @notes are mainly supposed to be used for ooc type things and things that staff take note of ... while I understand that a higher intelligence logically leads to more things you can memorize, it seems to me that IC most people should be able to have a way to save information that they learn, if not just by memory but possibly by journal or something like that for ic information. Perhaps putting information down that you might not want to spend the money to save as a clone or simple codes and directions or information. If there is already a way to do that ic, please feel free to let me know and I will try to find out a way to do that... Just trying to find ways to be able to keep more information ic since I am not supposed to be saving ic information oocly. Any person in reality has multiple ways that they can save information for a later time and it does not seem to me to be unreasonable to have that kind of functionality in game. Thanks for the input as always.
Knite, yes, there are ways to store things currently icly other than memory. Sorry, I assumed you already knew about those and wanted to expand them.
No I was not aware of them yet but now that I know there are other ic ways to take care of this then there is no need to to change memory and the way it works ... no further replies needed I will figure it out ic. Thanks again for feedback.