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Memento in corpse cloning
Treat NPCs as you would players

In the interest of treating NPCs like PCs, i believe the corpse cloning tank should do -something- when you put a memento in it and activate it.
I think aligning player corpes with npc corpses some more would be great. There have been times that I've wanted to draw out people who would naturally be involved in corpse related activity but they likely don't give a hoot if the bait isn't a pc. This includes Angels.
Generally speaking, you shouldn't ignore ambient pop and NPCs but you should also strive to interact and RP mostly with PCs.

If you want more automation to get certain jobs or people out of their cubes and onto the streets, much like with messes, shitbergs and scrap junk. I guess you could cook up some script for this where the corpse cloned NPC runs a script in the way of reaction before leaving the scene and maybe before they do, they ask for your SIC alias so they can transfer you a small reward (accounted into the weekly cap of course) for saving them.

And my suggestion probably would lead to people murdering NPCs so that then they can corpse clone them and get even more flash. So probably its a bad idea.

I worry this would just create empty narratives with momentos instead of meaningful experiences around cloning. In addition, it would just take up more GM time which I think is better invested directly into plot.

That said, I think Clone Angels could use some opportunities to explore their job RP. I think much like religion, this experience is mostly self-led but there is some discussion around it here:

NPC's and cloning have always been a bit of a misnomer. Should your rivalries and friendships with NPC's be ones that you follow to the recombination tank? I don't think so. Sure, they exist but they're really just a backdrop for PC on PC action.

The idea of more meaningful scripted NPC encounters is an intriguing one, for sure. Maybe an update version of the common pedestrian is in order but I'd still rather be talking about your story than theirs.