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Medic Chat
From Town Hall

OK so medicine's a thing I've wanted to make a post on for a while. It's not on the immediate agenda but I've noticed a lot of issues that could use addressing and people brought some stuff up at town hall, so...

1) NPC medics are too cheap, effective and reliable

Fengshui suggested PC medics in Green and Gold should be handing their medical fees off to their bosses, but I still like the idea medical fees as an easy motivation to get PC medics off their asses. Players should be charging each other for things and the fact that being a medic comes with a built-in hustle is really cool and makes the job fun. Medics wind up being like taxi drivers. There are NPC alternatives, but if the players are smart and resourceful they can make cash and get RP.

As for autorezzing vs calling for a PC medic, I can't fault anyone for throwing their buddy on the table and barking at the NPC to zap them, but as I suggested elsewhere, this should absolutely come with a fee in the range of 1500c to 2000c. This is a capitalist paradise. If you want your buddy to live so badly, you can find the cash in a hurry. The grace period before brain death isn't so short that you can't take his wallet, try to get a puppet, or shout for a player character.

Since part of the reason auto-resuscitation was added was staff convenience, I'd recommend giving staff an extra command that bypassed said fee somehow, since a puppeted NPC isn't always going to have the cash on them that they should reasonably be carrying.

2) Healing is too easy and effective

I'm all for keeping it mechanically simple and RPing the details, but since we track different kinds of injuries to different parts of the body, couldn't we put a skill floor on healing them? Patching up cuts and bruises should be easier than healing stabs, and burns and gunshot wounds should be more difficult than that. Additionally (or alternatively), healing someone up past certain injury levels (IE wincing in pain or what have you) could require higher levels of skill.

3) Medpaks are too good.

Medpaks should require a higher skill check to stabilize with them because they are cheap as hell and the other methods of stabilizing people outside of a clinic are comparatively very expensive..

4) More diseases

Diseases are pretty rare, and when they do pop up they tend to require a lot of money to fix, plus either an NPC puppet or a PC doctor who has invested a significant amount into tools that they probably aren't ever likely to see a return on. The money involved is high enough that people sometimes act meta to avoid paying it. 'Oh I'll just die it's cheaper' is a hilarious thing to hear in a cyberpunk doctor's office but it isn't really what most people with treatable diseases would say.

I like doctor gear being expensive and arcane. It gives doctors a goal to reach for and a system to explore, but if you were to roll out new and more common diseases (the Mix should be rife with tuberculosis or some analog), consider making new antibiotics for some of them and selling these in single-use autoinjectors or pills that even the doctors without the gear currently required would have access to.

Good post. I just don't agree with the brought back from death experience costing chy. Gear already gets damaged as it is and that can cost a lot of chy to replace depending plus the huge losses associated with dying should more than make up for the once in a moon instance where a player can get revived. In the rare instance a player gets to be revived, they shouldn't be paying out of their ass for it or die because they or there buddy can't. That is less money circulating in the world too.
I totally agree with Revivals costing money. I've seen FSMC doc's charging 1k for revival. This should totally exist and needs to be done more often.
Dying does not come with any huge losses. It's generally just a minor inconvenience and being resuscitated even at a price already saves you on cloning fees.

Just my opinion, but generally speaking things should not be free in Sindome.

Because this cause a commotion in OOC chat:

What I mean is that death is a minor inconvenience OOC. Smexycucumber seemed to be implying that dying has "huge losses" associated with it and that just isn't typically mechanically true.

IC it is obviously a horrible miserable thing everyone wants to avoid, but this is Sindome and Sindome doesn't care about your character's itty bitty feewings.

I think that points 1 and 2 contradict each other a little. I mean, a factor in point one is that the NPC docs are pretty damn good at what they do while PC docs often heal less effectively. Wouldn't making healing harder as described in point to just make this worse?

My thoughts on the matter:

- Resuscitating should cost money or it doesn't happen. 100% behind this.

- If a PC doc who works for a clinic is in that clinic, the PC doc moves into the backroom where only employees can enter to cofus on managing stuff or take a break. If none are present, the NPC doc comes back out. Alternatively, they stay in the room but respond to requests with something like "Can't you see I'm busy? Go talk to XXX and YYY over there."

- Introduce things that are less time sensitive but irritating like diseases and have PC docs decline to fix them unless puppeted as they are "too busy dealing with more urgent cases".

- Have items that are meant to be used by trained professionals be nearly useless in the hands of those less than competent and provide specialty items that do not require skill but are very limited in effect. In actuality I had always assumed that medpaks would be useless to characters with little or no medical skill and that the more expensive items from ViriiSoma were that things anyone could use and that was why they cost more.

- Try and influence the culture. Emphasize how waiting for a PC medic to come help you can make for potentially great RP. Some with hiring medics to tag along on dangerous jobs. Drive this by having NPC's suggest it if they are ever in a position too and having alts and those top tier players do these things as an example to all.

- Really push people to roleplay serious wounds more. Maybe have coded effects strengthened. It drives me crazy seeing people in 'critical condition' strolling happily down the street to the bar.

Just my thoughts as a newish player!