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Meaningful Building Security
SIC rips and Eye Gouging That Matters

As it stands now, the majority of security measures and configurations are based on your PC's OOC stats and not any of the actual exploitable biometrics or cyberware on your person. This makes meaningful fraud relatively impossible without a very grandiose series of @notes and xhelps.

I propose building security be tied directly to your SIC encryption keys and biometrics that can be exploitable. In the case of SIC encryption keys, having a recent one used in the last 45 days should permit access to certain door security. Additionally, retinal scanners should be able to be exploited via fancy cybernetic eyes used by deckers or the still intact eyeball of a donor.

Beyond this, this level of breaking and entering should be limited to gold sector and PC employed buildings.

Beyond a security refactor code-wise, all the specific corporate assets in these buildings will also need to be looked at to account for malicious IC intent, but this would be a huge step in intrigue and aggressive action that is empowered solely in the players hands.

This is a good solution in light of not just re-doing the existing retinal doors.

I guess my question is, is a retinal door a single object that then gets duplicated and pulls an auth list from a terminal? Or is it thousands of discreet objects with their own code and hard-coded lists?

If it's a single object then ideally we could just get rid of retinal doors in favor of some other auth method, fingerprint, maybe? Would pair nicely with sever code.

Otherwise, yeah. You need to be able to spoof retinal doors without needing to XHELP things. The only thing is... there's a lot of retinal doors that do not need to be retinal doors, and then there are some that REALLY NEED that level of security. I don't know how you're going to delineate between the two with proposed code changes. Maybe make the doors that NEED high security use two factor? I.E. Code and fingerprint/retinal scan, or something along those lines?

We have technology, right now, IRL, that can take a photograph of someone's hand, and perfectly duplicate their fingerprint.

Imagine a master of disguise working with a master programmer to pull a fingerprint from a photograph of someone(or hacking a biometrics database??!!?!?), then making some kind of copy for the master of disguise to use while they infiltrate a corp, impersonating an employee?

Or, if it's tied to the SIC, modifying the SIC to impersonate someone?

I like the idea.

Kill corpsec,use their corpse to open doors. Press their face to the scanner, their hand into the palm pad..

Or subdue them and force them to it.