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Making use of the News command
Because sifting through the BgBB is stupid

Apparently I need to make a post about this, so here it is.

Recently, there was a rule clarification made on SIC keys being generated manually by players. This information has been spread about IC to people, but it's apparently no bueno, so there was a post made about it to clarify it.

My problem about this is that not everyone reads the boards. Reading the boards is not mandatory. If it was mandatory, there's no place to look that's only filled with important information. We are able to turn off forum notifications, so even if we do check them some times, there's no telling when a person might see something important.

I think this information needs to be found in game, and somewhere easily accessible. There's already a command that might be usable for that in the 'news' command. We get pretty unobtrusive notifications that there is new news to be seen when there's an update. Everything is right there are your finger tips.

I'm not saying everything should be posted there. Things like bug fixes, new features, those can all go on the board. Just the important things that are noted that you can get suspended fro the game for.

That's fair-- but how many people just glaze by that when they login? I know I did for a long time, not even realizing it was a thing.